The Edmond Sun

March 17, 2011

Crawford’s 55th Wedding Anniversary

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND —     Ray and Jane Crawford of Edmond, Okla. will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary with a special dinner at a local steak house.

    Ray Crawford and Jane McClendon were married March 20, 1956 in Nashville, Ark. The couple met while Ray was on leave from Tinker Air Force Base with his best friend in Nashville, Ark.

    Jane and Ray met as she was walking down a country road in her hometown of Nashville.  The couple dated for a year. At one time while Ray was stationed at Tinker, he traveled on his motorcycle to see Jane, but had an accident and suffered a broken collarbone.  Their love was not to be set back by an accident; Ray wrote love letters to Jane while he recovered at the hospital.

    Although Ray enjoys fixing up old cars, gardening and watching old movies and Jane loves cooking, antiques and going to church activities, the couple’s greatest joy is their children and grandchildren: daughter Cindy Crawford,  son John Crawford and his wife Carrie, and grandchildren Ashlie and Austin Crawford, all who live nearby in Edmond.

    Jane attributes the success of their marriage to their strong faith in each other and in God. “Jesus has always been the foundation of our marriage”, she said, smiling. “As you can see there was a picture of Jesus over our heads in our wedding photo.”