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December 3, 2007

A world class marriage

Top Paralympic athletes live, train together



Training together

�We�re definitely different than a normal couple,� Katrin said. �Our habits are just way more directed toward track and field. Before we had curtains, we had a weight room.�

Being married also has some benefits on their training, Roderick said.

�You�re there with the person and you can discuss it then. As a coach and an athlete myself, she can give me feedback and I can give her feedback right then, right there or in the car on the way home,� he said. �With another athlete you�d have to wait and maybe forget or leave something out.�

Of course, there are downsides as well.

�She brings stuff home from the track that most people would leave at the track,� Roderick said, looking at his wife and laughing. �If you have differences with a teammate or something is wrong with a teammate, you leave it there. Now it comes home.�

Katrin said her running has improved considerably since they started training together because they see each other so much.

�Roderick sees me, he lives with me, he knows if I�m not feeling well today,� she said. �So he adjusts my training so that the training is still efficient, but it doesn't wear me out.�

That�s very different from her training in Germany, she said, where her coach had each person on the track and field team do the same workout every day.

Their training also just gives them a shared interest and a ritual they do together.

�It�s a nice consistency for us also as a couple,� Katrin said. �It�s something we just do together, it�s something we both want to do and it�s like a commitment for us. That�s the time we meet on the track and we�re just being disciplined and it�s a consistency during the day, no matter what else happens.�

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