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December 3, 2007

A world class marriage

Top Paralympic athletes live, train together



Living together

Katrin calls it a work in progress: A picture taken at the airport in Germany, showing only their clasped hands and wedding rings. Surrounding the picture inside the frames are both words and mementos from their life together, including one of Katrin�s hairbands from when they met.

�He insisted on keeping it, and it was one of my hairbands that I was wearing in my hair, and he had it on his wrist until it was totally huge and couldn't fit his wrist or my hair anymore,� she said. �He just kept it until I came back to America. So I put it in there.

�I want to add more and more things of what�s defining our relationship,� she added. �This is just the beginning of what connected us.�

Over time, the two have discovered more and more things that connect them. They have a shared interest in the arts � Roderick enjoys writing poetry, and Katrin enjoys drawing.

�I haven�t done a lot recently because there�s so much other stuff going on, but I love that,� she said.

The two also discovered they complement each other in their personal life as well as on the track.

�That�s our whole relationship,� Katrin said. �We complement each other perfectly. He likes to cook, I don�t so much, so he�s the one cooking. I do cleaning up, I don�t mind it, so I�m doing the cleaning up.

�I like gardening stuff with flowers, and he does the mowing yard stuff. In every part of our relationship, it�s perfect.�

The two have the same goal outside of competitions as well. Roderick said his attitudes shifted after losing several members of his family.

�Sports are fun to do and they�re great, but they�re not the most important thing,� he said. �You need to focus on family and have fun with your family. You�ll still have time to train three hours a day, and if it comes, it comes to you, and if not, it�s fine.�

And despite their busy schedules, they also manage to find time to go out at nights, go dancing at clubs and basically do what every couple enjoys: Be together.

�Yeah, we fight, we nag,� Katrin said with a grin. �But we play also.�

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