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December 3, 2007

A world class marriage, Part II

Top Paralympic athletes live, train together

EDMOND — When Roderick and Katrin Green talk about their training, they talk about spending three hours a day training for international track and field events. They talk about looking for sponsors, keeping their bodies in shape, being aware of what they eat and altering their lifestyle in order to compete.

They don�t talk about what it�s like running with prosthetic legs. Each lost a leg below the knee at an early age and now compete in Paralympic games and other events with amputee athletes. Roderick was born without an ankle and had his foot amputed when he was 2. Katrin, who grew up on a farm in Germany, lost her leg when a blade flew from a piece of farm equipment.

The two met at the Paralympic Games in Athens in 2004, and are now married and living in Oklahoma City. Both continue to compete in international track and field events, juggling their competition and training with jobs and college.

Disappointment in Atlanta

The couple recently returned from Atlanta, where Roderick competed in the trials for the U.S. Paralympics Track and Field World Championships in Assen, The Netherlands, which will take place in August. Despite finishing second in the 100-yard dash and fourth in the pentathlon, Roderick wasn�t named to the team.

The reason for that, he said, was that Marlon Shirley, a current world-record holder, was named to the team despite not competing in the trials and having previously said he would not be able to compete this year. Shirley has previously made news by accusing a South African athlete of using prosthetic limbs that are too long, giving him an extra advantage.

Roderick said he was most disappointed that younger athletes who also met the standards to compete in the World Championships also did not make the final team.

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