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December 3, 2007

A world class marriage, Part II

Top Paralympic athletes live, train together



�We have younger athletes that come in and meet the standards and aren�t going,� he said. �They�re going to be discouraged.�

Besides being a disappointment, the result of the trials has caused Roderick to shift his goals over the next couple of years.

�My goal is now, I don�t have a set time to run. My set goal is to break a world record,� he said. �I�m either going to tie the world record or better the world record. That�s my goal.�

Katrin said the results were also a disappointment for her. Currently a German citizen, Katrin will be competing at the events as a member of the German national team. Roderick will still attend as her coach, but will not be staying in the village for the athletes.

�For me, it would�ve been great if both of us had been in Championship Village together and could do this as a couple,� she said.

Though disappointing, neither plans on slowing down on competitions because of the trial results. Both say they are driven to compete.

Roderick, who did not compete in organized sports until he was 12, said that it just became part of his life, and said people who don�t start so young find competition just becomes a part of their lives.

�It�s almost programmed,� he said. �All you know is �I want to do this. I want to be the best at this.� So every time you wake up in the morning, you�re like �I want to do something better. I want to better myself today.��

Katrin, who didn't start competing until she was 16, said she never expected to be a world-class track and field athlete.

�I have never been interested in track and field or anything,� she said. �I grew up on a farm, far away from organized sports. I honestly didn�t like it for the first one and a half year or so, because in Germany there was just way too much pressure.�

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