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December 3, 2007

A world class marriage, Part II

Top Paralympic athletes live, train together



Katrin said she is always amazed by people who don�t realize the amount of dedication that goes into being an athlete, choosing instead to focus on the fact that the competitors have prosthetic limbs.

�It�s so important that people comprehend we put half of our lives into sports, and then we get answers like �you're not real athletes,�� she said. �I am just amazed.�

She added that people don�t seem to realize that an amputee athlete competes just as hard as any other.

�If you see people on an everyday basis, they see you climbing up a tree, they say �I�m so amazed! You're able to climb up a tree with your prosthetic leg!� or �I'm so amazed! You can wear flipflops with this leg?� but then they see you running on the track and you run world class times and you�re faster than they would ever be in their life, even if they would start training, and they say you're not a real athlete,� she said. �Where's the consistency?�

Roderick and Katrin said their biggest support comes from Scott Sabolich�s prosthetic research center, located on the Broadway Extension.

�I can walk through the door, she can walk through the door, any time, unannounced, and there�s help,� he said. �Tha�'s like our second family. There's no time where I can�t call anyone.�

And when you�re balancing training for international events, work, school and also trying to live a normal life as a married couple, the people who recognize your talent and dedication is nice, Roderick said.

�Right now, I really don�t think society around the world, in any country, really knows what it takes to be an amputee athlete,� he said.

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