The Edmond Sun

January 21, 2013

Edmond man explores science fiction writing

Hallie Waugh
Special to The Sun

EDMOND — Few science-fiction novels include locally relevant tales of Native American history, French emperors and time-space continuums. Horton Deakins’ latest novel, however, differs from the average sci-fi story.  

The Edmond resident published “Time Pullers” in May 2011 with local company, 4RV Publishing. Though the writing and brutal editing process took about four years from beginning to publication, Deakins received his pay off when USA Best Books named “Time Pullers” one of five finalists in the science-fiction category for 2012.

An alumnus of the University of Central Oklahoma, Deakins represents the scientific version of a Renaissance man. His experiences with physics, music and world travel proved equally beneficial to his newfound hobby, writing.   

“I never planned on becoming a writer,” Deakins said. “Now that I’ve started, I often feel that the story is writing itself.”  

Deakins recalls the moment when he first considered writing a potential personal interest. During his daily commutes from Edmond to the aerospace sector of Tinker Air Force Base, he felt he was wasting time and intellect. He chose to listen to audiobooks, and they first sparked his interest in writing.

“I figured I could do this,” Deakins said. “If some of these writers could make money and sell novels, I thought I could try it, too.”

His novel takes place at  Tinker Air Force Base in an alternate universe and chronicles the activities of “Mr. G,” a hairless, suspicious man committed to mending the gap in the continuum.  

“Imagine Napoleon Bonaparte never led France to attack Russia and eventually developed a Franco-Prussian Empire,” Deakins said. “Our world would be entirely different today.”

The novel targets a large age range — from college students to baby boomers. “Time Pullers” e-book is currently for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and local Full Circle and Best of Books stores carry hard copies.  

“‘Time Pullers’ aims to blur distinctions between fantasy and reality,” Deakins said. Readers and reviewers agree that this novel acts as a thrilling and relevant experiment in science-fiction writing.