The Edmond Sun

April 29, 2014

4-29 Good Reads


Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun



What would it be like if, one day, Little Gray were the big elephant and Mama the small one? Little Gray can picture it perfectly. He’d shade her from the sun, teach her to make mud and find pictures in the clouds with her. In fact, he would do for her exactly what she does for him.

“Mama’s Day With Little Gray” is a delightful picture book about growing up and the never-ending love a child returns to a parent. The irresistibly adorable package and touching story make this a perfect Mother’s Day or baby shower present. It is truly a celebration of all things mom.

Ages 2-5.



Ideally timed for Mother’s Day, “A Gift for Mama,” is the enchanting story of one little boy’s search through the bustling streets of Vienna to find the perfect gift for his mother.

Oskar sets out — with a single coin — to find a present for his mother. At once, he spots it: a perfect yellow rose.

But when an artist passes by and sees the rose, he declares it just right for the portrait he’s painting. So Oskar trades the rose for a beautiful paintbrush; now he can paint his mother a picture.

Then when the conductor from the Opera House rushes by looking for his baton — and sees Oskar’s paintbrush — he offers to trade for a sheet of new music for the “baton.” Now Oskar can sing his mother a song!

Oskar continues, meeting new people and acquiring new gifts — until he gives away this final present to a sad little girl. But in return, she has a surprise for him!

Linda Ravin Lodding’s lyrical text and Alison Jay’s quaint and distinctive artwork combine perfectly in “A Gift for Mama,” a beautifully crafted gem about the power of sharing and importance of family.

Ages 4-8.



Alice-Miranda is set for a luxurious cruise aboard the royal yacht “Octavia," where Aunty Gee is hosting the wedding of Aunt Charlotte and Lawrence Ridley.

Even Ambrosia Headlington-Bear has come along, much to her daughter Jacinta’s surprise.

Wild weather and rumors of a jewel thief throw the travelers into turmoil, but something else is giving Alice-Miranda one of her strange feelings. Why does the ship’s doctor look so familiar? And who is the shy blond boy hiding in one of the cabins? When Alice-Miranda seeks help from an unexpected source, will she and her helper manage to set things right in time for the celebrations?

Ages 7-10.

NOTE: Email to have your name entered into a drawing for the following titles: “Mama’s Day With Little Gray” and/or “A Gift for Mama” and/or “Alice-Miranda at Sea.” Deadline is 10 a.m. May 5. Winner will be notified by return email. Winner is responsible for picking up the book at The Edmond Sun at 123 S. Broadway. All entrants must be 18 or older to win.