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August 6, 2013

8-6 Good Reads


Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun



In their second adventure, “Bean Dog and Nugget: The Cookie,” Nugget thinks she’s the cleverer part of their duo, but when it comes to who gets the bigger half of the cookie they are sharing, Bean Dog has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Kids will love following along as Bean Dog and Nugget practice sharing, being invisible and perfecting their karate moves!

Complete with cartoon-style illustrations, two spunky, imaginative main characters, and witty, easy-to-read banter, the Bean Dog and Nugget series will have even the most reluctant readers excited for the next adventure in this new graphic novel series.

Ages 5-8.



“A Matter of Days” is a post-apocalyptic novel set just days after a killer virus has devastated humanity as we know it.

On Day 56 of the pandemic called BluStar, 16-year-old Nadia’s mother dies, leaving her responsible for her younger brother Rabbit. They secretly received antivirus vaccines from their uncle, but most people weren’t as lucky.

Using their deceased father’s survival lessons, they trek from Seattle to their grandfather’s survivalist compound in West Virginia. Using practical survival techniques, they make their way through a world of death and destruction until they encounter an injured dog; Zack, a street kid from Lost Angeles; and other survivors who are seldom what they seem.

Illness, infections, fatigue, and meager supplies have become a way of life. Still, it will be worth it once they arrive at the designated place on the map they have memorized.

But what if no one is there to meet them?

Ages 12 up.



All Dylan wants is mojo. What is mojo? It’s power. The ability to command respect. It’s everything Dylan doesn’t have. He gets no respect at school, and when he finds the dead body of a classmate, even the police push him around.

So when Dylan hears about a missing rich girl from the other side of town, he jumps at the chance to dive into this mystery. Surely if he cracks a case involving a girl this beautiful and this rich, he’ll get not only a hefty cash reward, but the mojo he’s looking for.

His investigation takes him into the world of an elite private high school and an underground club called Gangland. As Dylan falls down the rabbit hole, lured by the power of privilege, he begins to lose himself. And the stakes of the game keep getting higher.

Tim Tharp lives in Oklahoma, where he teaches at Rose State College. He is the author of the highly acclaimed YA novels “Badd,” “Knights of the Hill Country,” and “The Spectacular Now,” which was a 2008 National Book Award finalist and was recently adapted into a major motion picture.

Ages 12 up.

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