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January 6, 2014

1-7 Good Reads


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The fifth book in The Never Girls series, “Wedding Wings” continues the saga of four real girls and their encounters with the fairy world.

Kate, Mia, Lainey and Gabby are special girls. They know how to travel between their hometown, Pixie Hollow, and Never Land: through a broken slat in a backyard fence.

Gabby believes in fairies more than anyone. Mia loves dresses, roses and anything beautiful. Lainey dreams of talking to animals. Kate craves adventure and excitement.

The Never Girls are going to a wedding, and Gabby is the flower girl. When the fairies hear about it, they wish they could go, too. One little fairy hiding in Gabby’s basket couldn’t cause too much trouble…right?

Ages 6-9.



James Dashner’s critically acclaimed “The Kill Order,” the prequel to the New York Times best-selling The Maze Runner series, is now available in paperback. The paperback edition includes additional material that will provide fans with the answer to a question they were left wondering about after reading the book in hardcover.

“The Kill Order” explores the world that existed before the one readers were captivated by in the series, and Dashner gives his fans the background information as to how the world that Thomas and the Gladers inhabit came to be, along with the shocking revelation of the source behind The Flare virus.

Teenagers Mark and Trina are riding the underground train home from school one day when their lives are forever changed. Sun flares have hit the earth, scorching everything in their path, and leaving Mark and Trina to fend for themselves as they fight to survive in a world decimated by natural disaster.  Witnessing the desperation of the human race, the pair link up with others who also want to find a way to exist in the aftermath.

Just when it seems like they may have a fighting chance, the remaining population is attacked. They’re shot with darts that deliver a death blow like no other — a fatal virus that affects the brain and spreads like wildfire. As Mark and Trina witness the effects of the virus, they and their friends begin a frantic search to uncover the source and to attempt to end any further destruction before it is too late — before the virus takes them as well.

“The Kill Order” is sure to satisfy the questions on the minds of all the The Maze Runner series fans as the answers to the world introduced in the series are unveiled. The book gives the inside look behind the sun flares, the Flare virus and how Thomas came to exist in the Maze.

Ages 12 up.

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