The Edmond Sun

August 13, 2013

10-13 Good Reads


Mark Schlachtenhaufen
Special to The Sun



Fourth-grader Odessa Green-Light’s dad is getting remarried, which makes no sense according to Odessa. If the prefix “re” means “to do all over again,” shouldn’t he be remarrying Mom?

When Odessa takes up residence in the attic bedroom of the new home she has moved into with her mother and her toad of a little brother, Oliver, she discovers that there’s something decidedly different about her new room.

One day Odessa gets mad and stomps across the attic floor, finding herself falling through and landing back on the attic floor once again.

Turns out that Odessa has gone back in time a whole day!

With this new power she can fix all sorts of things — embarrassing moments, big mistakes and even help Oliver be less of a toad.

But her biggest goal of all is to reunite Mom and Dad.

Ages 8-12.



Janie Jane’s life takes a turn for the cute when she receives an adorable puppy as a birthday present.

She and Sir Yips-a-lot do everything together. But before you know it, it’s Janie’s birthday again and she’s got a new, potentially cuter present to unwrap: Lady Meow-meow, “The World’s Cutest Kitty.”

Sir Yips-a-lot has always been the cute one in Janie Jane’s life.

What if she doesn’t need him anymore?

With “Cute & Cuter,” Michael Townsend has crafted a lighthearted romp that will help children — especially those with new siblings — recognize and overcome feelings of jealousy.

Michael Townsend is the author of “Monkey and Elephant’s Worst Fight Ever!” “Billy Tartle in Say Cheese!” and the Kit Feeney graphic novels. While he may not be as cute as 10 hamsters dancing in a field of flowers while eating cupcakes, he is a reasonably attractive person.

Ages 5-8.



Caro Mitchell considers herself an only child — and she likes it that way. After all, her much older sister, Hannah, left home eight years ago, and Caro barely remembers her.

So when Caro’s parents drop the bombshell news that Hannah is returning to live with them, Caro feels as if an interloper is crashing her family.

To her, Hannah’s a total stranger, someone who haunts their home with her meek and withdrawn presence, and who refuses to talk about her life and why she went away. Caro can’t understand why her parents cut Hannah so much slack, and why they’re not pushing for answers.

Unable to understand Hannah, Caro resorts to telling lies about her mysterious reappearance. But when those lies alienate Caro’s new boyfriend and put her on the outs with her friends and her parents, she seeks solace from an unexpected source.

And as she unearths a clue from Hannah’s past — one that could save Hannah from the dark secret that possesses her — Caro begins to see her in a whole a new light.

Ages 12 up.

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