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February 25, 2013

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At Penelope Pig’s sleepover party, six pigs in pj’s eat pizza and pasta, pound a piñata, pin the tail on the pony, prance to piano, and then form a precarious pyramid — collapsing, of course, into a squealing pig pile!

Maggie Smith combines rollicking rhymes and infectious alliterations to make a perfectly pleasing book filled with fun and the letter P.

And while there are scads of P words in the text, the art has even more — the pictures are filled with more than 75 objects beginning with the letter P for young readers to find.

The playful pictures also introduce other preschool concepts, such as colors, shapes, patterns and counting.

“Pig in Pajamas” is a fun new way to get preschoolers thinking about language and building their vocabularies.

Ages 3-6.



Anthony hasn’t seen his dad in years. The reason: His father is busy traveling the world as a wildlife photographer — at least, according to Anthony’s mom and sister.

The real reason: His dad has been a fugitive from the law and is now in jail, awaiting trial.

When Anthony finally learns the truth, his life changes overnight. He insists on visiting his dad in prison. And once the trial begins, it’s the lead story on the local news.

Everyone at school starts to taunt Anthony about having a criminal for a father, even his best friend.

Then one day, in a shocking turn of events, his dad escapes from the courthouse. Anthony wants to be with him — and when he gets the chance, he grabs it.

Now father and son are on the run. But how far will they get?

“On the Run” deals with a young boy who longs to be with his dad — even if his father isn’t the ideal parent.

Ages 8-12.



The world knows 12-year-old Mad’s dad as “The Bird Guy,” but to her little sister Roo and her, he’s always just been fun-loving, kind-of-crazy dad; one who signs his letters “I love you with all the bananas in my brain” instead of “with all the love in my heart.”

But when he gets offered the opportunity to study the extremely rare and elusive Lava-Throated Volcano trogon in the Central American jungle, Mad and Roo aren’t surprised when he jumps on a plane and leaves his family behind.

It’s just another research trip…that is, until the arrival of the Very Strange and Incredibly Creepy Letter. Mad knows that her dad is in trouble, and though she’s a self-proclaimed scaredy-cat, with the help of fearless Roo and a band of new friends, Mad is ready to step out of her comfort zone to bring her family back together.

“Here Where the Sunbeams Are Green” is the story of what can happen when two sisters make some unusual friends, trust in each other, and bravely face a jungle of trouble all to bring their family back together.

Ages 10 up.

NOTE: Email to have your name entered into a drawing for the following titles: “Pigs in Pajamas” and/or “On the Run” and/or “Here Where the Sunbeams Are Green.” Deadline is 10 a.m. Mar. 4. Winner will be notified by return email. Winner is responsible for picking up the book at The Edmond Sun at 123 S. Broadway. All entrants must be 18 or older to win.