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May 6, 2013

5-7 Good Reads


The Edmond Sun



Spending the summer at her grandmother’s house is the last thing Sarah wants to do — especially now that Grandma Winnie has died — but has no choice.

Her parents have to fix the place up before they can sell it, and Sarah and her brother, Billy, have to help.

But the tedious work turns into a thrilling mystery when Sarah discovers an unfinished letter her grandmother wrote: “Strange things are happening behind the bookcase…”

Sarah’s mother dismisses the letter as one of Grandma Winnie’s crazy stories, but Sarah does some investigating and makes a remarkable discovery: behind the bookcase is a doorway to Scotopia, the land where shadows come from.

With a talking cat named Balthazat as her guide, Sarah begins an unforgettable adventure into a world filled with countless dangers. Who can she trust? And can she face her fears, not only in Scotopia, but also back at Grandma Winnie’s house, where more secrets and strange goings-on await her?

Ages 8-12.

NOTE: Email to have your name entered into a drawing for “Behind the Bookcase.” Deadline is 10 a.m. May 13. Winner will be notified by return email. Winner is responsible for picking up the book at The Edmond Sun at 123 S. Broadway. All entrants must be 18 or older to win.