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March 25, 2013

3-26 Good Reads


Special to The Sun



“Road Trip” is the first collaboration between three-time Newbery Honor-winning author Gary Paulsen and his son, Jim Paulsen.

Told in alternating points of view between a teenager and his dog, this story of a father/son road trip to pick up a rescued dog is filled with humor, adventure and a cast of lovable characters.

Teenager Ben is looking forward to summer vacation, and honing his hockey skills at camp. But day one into vacation, Ben is up at the crack of dawn and on the road with his adventurous father and their dog Atticus to travel across country and adopt a rescued Border collie puppy. The journey, is soon unlike any other in their past.

First, Dad reveals that he has quit his job, and money is too tight for hockey camp this year. All of a sudden, Ben’s not too happy spending quality time with Dad.

Luckily, along the way, Ben and Dad pick up a zany cast of characters including Gus the mechanic, (who lends them a school bus when their ride breaks down,) Theo, a likeable thug on the run from some scary people, and Mia, a waitress with a big heart and major smarts.

Put everyone on a big yellow school bus, and you have a laugh-out-loud story that only a Paulsen (or two) can tell.

Gary Paulsen says “dogs never lie or cheat, and their default setting is love. Some may seem grumpy, but all dogs have honor, humor and dignity and, if you’re really lucky and you pay attention, they will bring out those same characteristics in you.”

Perfect for reluctant readers, Paulsen fans, dog lovers, and all who love a rollicking tale, “Road Trip” is sure to make readers crave their own adventure, as well as a dog like Atticus to call their own.

Ages 10 up.



A precocious baby is beyond bored in his mother’s womb. He’s ready to play on the swingset, meet other boys and girls, and to canoe!

But until then — what will he do to pass the time?

With nothing to look at, no parks, no zoos and no one to play with, baby must keep himself or herself occupied by kicking, hiccupping and swimming around in what little space there is left in utero.

Viviano Garofoli’s charming artwork perfectly illustrates baby’s less-than-comfortable living conditions, as well as the fun-filled activities that he longs to do and will be doing after he is born.

“Ma! There’s Nothing To Do Here!” was conceived after Park saw her grandson’s sonogram picture. After departing the doctor’s office, Park began wondering what a baby in utero did to pass the time, and came to the conclusion that there really was nothing for him to do “in a womb with no view.”

As she prepared for her daughter-in-law’s baby shower, she crafted the poem that would be the foundation for this breezy book that will ring true with pregnant mothers everywhere.

This board book is a perfect read for expectant mothers, siblings and young children who enjoy a catchy read-aloud.

Ages 2-5.



Do you dare to join Goldie in her hardest task ever as she walks down the mysterious Beast Road, deep inside the Museum of Thieves? No one knows where it goes and no one has ever returned from it.

The city of Jewel is in peril once again, as it is held captive by the frightful Fugleman, his band of Blessed Guardians, and an army of merciless mercenaries.

There’s no doubt that Goldie and Toadspit want to get their city back, but how can a small group of children fight against such overwhelming forces of evil? And how, as Goldie is determined, can they avoid bloodshed in a war that will set thieves against soldiers, and trickery and deception against a mighty cannon that shoots cannonballs bent on destruction?

As Toadspit fights the Fugleman in a duel to the death, Goldie must face her hardest task yet.

“The Path of Beasts,” the final book in the Keepers trilogy, is the companion to “Museum of Thieves” and “City of Lies.”

Ages 9-12.

NOTE: Email to have your name entered into a drawing for the following titles: “Road Trip” and/or “Ma! There’s Nothing To Do Here!” and/or “The Path of Beasts.” Deadline is 10 a.m.  April 1. Winner will be notified by return email. Winner is responsible for picking up the book at The Edmond Sun at 123 S. Broadway. All entrants must be 18 or older to win.