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August 20, 2013

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In A.J. Paquette’s young adult debut, “Paradox,” a teenage girl named Ana wakes in the featureless compartment of a rocket ship. She only knows her name because of the tag she finds pinned to her jumpsuit.

Opening the hatch, she discovers that she has landed on a barren alien world.

Instructions in her pocket tell her to observe and to survive, no doubt with help from the wicked-looking knives she carries on her belt. But to what purpose?

Meeting up with three other teens — one boy seems strangely familiar — Ana treks across the inhospitable landscape, occasionally encountering odd twists of light that carry glimpses of people back on Earth.

What is the connection between Ana’s mission on this planet and the crisis back on Earth, and how is she supposed to figure out the answer when she can’t remember anything?

Fans of James Dashner’s “The Maze Runner” series will love this postapocalyptic adventure about a girl who must survive an alien planet in order to save the Earth.

Ages 12 up.



From ever-inventive, award-winning author-illustrator Mini Grey comes a hilarious and heartfelt new adventure — “Toys in Space,” the story of what happens one night when a motley band of toys are left outside for the very first time.

The Wonderdoll, the helpful windup robot, the thoughtful green dinosaur, and the rest of  their plucky gang lie in the grass, gazing up at the starts. But one star seems brighter than the rest. As it grows bigger and bigger, the toys realize it may not be a star at all!

Soon they’re venturing into the unknown, traveling by spaceship, and meeting a lonely alien — the Hoctopize — who is in need of help, and some friends.

The Hoctopize has collected thousands of toys from all over earth on his desperate quest to find his beloved toy, Cuddles — but he is nowhere to be found! Can the Wonderdoll and the rest of the gang help the Hoctopize find his Cuddles and return the other toys to their owners back on earth? Or will they be stuck in space forever?

Every child has a favorite toy. And every parent is dreading the inevitable day when that favorite toy goes missing. A fun-filled page-turner, “Toys in Space,” brings humor to this unfortunate situation in an entertaining and relatable way for parents and children.

Ages 5-8.



Fans of dark fantasy and dystopian adventure discovered Janni Lee Simner’s first novel, “Bones of Faerie,” to be an exciting twist on a favorite theme. Now, with “Faerie After,” readers of Holly Black, Melissa Marr and Cassandra Clare can return to Simner’s unique vision of a magic-infused post-apocalyptic world where war between Faerie and humanity has left both realms devastated.

In the second book of the trilogy, “Faerie Winter,” Liza managed to bring spring back to the human realm, but the Faerie realm has continued to deteriorate, crumbling away to dust. In “Faerie After,” Liza must cross over and be faced with an impossible choice: her life and the safety of her friends, or the survival and well-being of both worlds.

Fans have long awaited the final installment in this fast-paced fantasy series, and Simner’s haunting storytelling brings this well-loved series to a satisfying conclusion.

Ages 12 up.

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