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November 18, 2013

11-19 Good Reads


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Best-selling author Louise Yates and her beloved character Dog are back in the follow-up to the “New York Times” best-seller “Dog Loves Books” and “Dog Loves Drawing.” With the first two Dog books, Louise Yates used spare text and adorable illustrations to gently teach early childhood concepts.

In “Dog Loves Counting,” Dog embarks on an all-new learning adventure — counting!

Dog can’t go to sleep. He loves books so much that he just can’t stop reading. Dog tries counting sheep, but it’s not working — perhaps there are some other creatures he can count?

Soon Dog is off on an adventure, finding friends and numbers in unexpected places. Meet Dog and let him show you why he loves counting!

With minimal words and attractive pictures, “Dog Loves Counting” provides parents with the perfect way to introduce young children to numbers. “Dog Loves Counting’s” cache of charming characters coupled with a darling story will truly captivate both parents and children alike.

Ages 4-8.



New Orleans is well-known for being a city of mystery and magic. In Gina Linko’s new novel “Indigo,” this mystical city is now home to Corrine Harlowe.

Corrine has a sixth sense, but she doesn’t know it yet. It takes a series of extraordinary events and one especially brazen boy to make Corrine begin to realize the power she possesses.

While walking along the water when a sudden storm breaks out, Corrine tries to rescue her younger sister Sophie after a painful fall on slippery rocks. But instead of saving Sophie, Corrine’s touch seems to electrocute her sister. Corrine’s vision is blinded by the color indigo, and in that instant, everything changes.

She is convinced she has killed her sister.

To restart their lives, Corrine’s family moves to New Orleans. Though Corrine does her best to separate herself from her family and classmates, strange things continue to happen around her in this haunting city.

She realizes that her power cannot be ignored, particularly when Rennick, a local boy with an unexpected gift, suggests another possibility: Corrine might have “the touch,” an ability to heal those around her.

However, knowing what happened to her sister, Corrine must decide whether or not her touch heals or harms.

“Indigo” is a novel that uses the sounds and flavors of New Orleans as its distinctive, and often eerie, backdrop. Corrine’s experiences — with grief, love, and the seemingly miraculous — will challenge readers to believe in the unexplainable.

Ages 14 up.



Little Golden Books have been a staple in children’s home libraries around the world since 1942 when the line launched. With “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book,” Little Golden Book enthusiasts can reminisce about their childhood favorites, and perhaps even rediscover classics to share with their own children and grandchildren.

Full of charming advice paired with iconic Golden Book art, this little book makes the ideal gift for nostalgic Little Golden Book fans. Offering whimsical advice such as “Be a hugger” and “Remember to stop and smell the strawberries” and featuring beloved art from the likes of Richard Scarry and Mary Blair, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book” will be a welcome walk down memory lane for Little Golden Book enthusiasts of all ages.

Author Diane Muldrow is the editorial director of Golden Books, and is the penultimate expert on all things Little Golden Books. “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book” is the nostalgic culmination of her years of experience enjoying and working with these cherished books.

All ages.

NOTE: Email to have your name entered into a drawing for the following titles: “Dog Loves Counting” and/or “Indigo” and/or “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book.”  Deadline is 10 a.m.  Nov. 25. Winner will be notified by return email. Winner is    responsible for picking up the book at The Edmond Sun at 123 S. Broadway. All entrants must be 18 or older to win.