The Edmond Sun

December 20, 2013

Planning Commission moves several items forward

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The preliminary plat of the Kingsbury Ridge addition was continued this week by the Edmond Planning Commission. Plans are for this single family addition to be located on the south side of Covell Road, one-half mile west of Western.

Homes by Taber has completed the first phase of the Kingsbury addition and would like to move forward with phase II, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

Kingsbury Ridge resident Corey Lipps asked commissioners to continue or deny the item. Lipps said the application lacks information that would enhance his understanding of how the addition would be developed. He questioned the water detention requirements that would be in place.

The pond is owned by the homeowners association for phase I Kingsbury Ridge addition, Lipps said. Portions of the second phase of development do not drain toward the pond, he explained. The phase I report does not indicate how detention will be met, he continued.

Secondly, Lipps questioned whether the entry wall of the second phase of Kingsbury Ridge is in the right-of-way. A survey is needed to ensure the entry wall is in a good location, he said. And he does not favor the additional density of the plat.

“The density of Kingsbury II is 2.3 dwelling units per acre. The density of Kingsbury Ridge I is 1.86-dwelling units per acre,” he said.

Kingsbury addition resident, Robert Horn asked for a Community Connections meeting with Homes by Taber so that the residents will become aware of the developer’s intentions.

“I think this time of year we ought to give peace a chance,” said Barry Moore, chairman of the Planning Commission. “I think the applicant is agreeable to an extension.”

Moore asked the neighborhood association and Homes by Tabor to work out a date and a time for a homeowners meeting before the Jan. 21 Planning Commission meeting.

Meritage Park addition receives OK

The final plat of the Meritage Park Addition was approved 5-0 this week by the Edmond Planning Commission.

This 20-acre property is located on the west side of Santa Fe Avenue, north of the Homestead Addition and Santa Fe Presbyterian Church. Larry Toombs is the applicant. Gated access will be provided by one entrance on Santa Fe.

“The addition will contain a total of 68 homes. Lots are 9,520 square feet or larger,” said Schiermeyer, city planner.

This item will go before the City Council on Jan. 13, Moore said.

New addition planned at Oak Tree

Planning Commissioners also approved the final plat of Cypress Point at Oak Tree. Cypress Point is proposed to be east of Kelly, one-quarter mile south of Waterloo Road, said Schiermeyer, city planner. The vote was 5-0.

Bill Roberts issued a planned unit development comprised of 29 lots on 19.6 acres. A golf course borders one side of the property. Motorists will enter on Country Club Drive and circle around to the addition, Schiermeyer said.

The City Council will review this item on Jan. 13.

Birnam Woods plat moves forward

The Planning Commission this week recommended 5-0 the preliminary and final plat of Birnam Woods Section II. This single family development is located south of Covell Road, west of Bryant Ave., Schiermeyer said.

“The preliminary plat was just a little bit old, over the two-year limit,” Schiermeyer said.

San Ysidro LLC calls for lot sizes averaging 6,600 square feet and the homes are anticipated from 1,700 to 2,200 square feet. The preliminary plat contains 99 lots.

The item will be considered by the City Council on Jan. 13.

Hargrove Medical Building site plan approved

Members of the Planning Commission agreed 5-0 this week to commercial site pan approval of the Hargrove Medical Building, located north of Second Street, west of Saints Boulevard. Nivek LLC is the applicant.

The two-story, 19,892-square-foot office building will have stone and brick veneer exterior. The medical building will be set on a 2-acre site, Schiermeyer said.

One-hundred nineteen parking spaces would be provided with additional bicycle racks, Schiermeyer said. Nivek LLC has been working with the architect to meet the landscape standard.

No further discussion by the city is needed on this item, said Barry Moore, chairman of the Planning Commission approves deed certification for Beaupre addition

Deed certification was approved 4-0 by the Planning Commission for the Beaupre addition, a development planned by Martin Teuscher for 25, two-acre single family lots.

Commissioner Mark Hoose abstained from voting.

The site is on the east side of Post Road, one-half mile south of East Second Street and State Highway 66, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

The 90,000 square foot lots include all adjacent street rights-of-way for the property.

Schiermeyer said that each lot will come with a septic tank and water well.

“It meets the zoning, it meets the plan,” Schiermeyer said. “It is in order.”

The City Council will not review this item.