The Edmond Sun

January 3, 2014

California Closets adds Edmond location

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — From the garage to the attic, whether it is an entryway, craft corner or the obvious closet, California Closets has a solution for your clutter problem.

Owners BJ and Jerrie Lynn Miller first opened their Edmond showroom and manufacturing facility, 2701 Coltrane Place, No. 5, in April 2001 and now have opened a second showroom in downtown Edmond. Jerrie Lynn is also a design consultant.

“Edmond has been good to us,” Jerrie Lynn said. “We chose to open a second showroom in downtown Edmond because we want to be part of the city and everything that is happening in the heart of Edmond.

“Our California Closets reputation of delivering a customized product with an unparalleled level of service and know-how makes for satisfied customers. I love what I do every day in creating, thinking and problem-solving.”

The Edmond locations serve all of Oklahoma. California Closets is a closet company headquartered in Berkeley, Calif.

“We can help you conquer clutter with a custom closet and area or room organizers and systems,” said Marla Cooper, a design consultant with California Closets, who has a self-professed “passion for helping people find peace” within their homes by de-cluttering and organizing their living spaces.

Every day begins at your bedroom closet, making it the ideal place to start de-cluttering, Cooper said.

“We custom build everything and fabricate it to fit your space perfectly,” Cooper said. “Everything is built to change with your life.”

When planning closets, California Closets’ personal approach to building includes counting items that will be stored like pairs of shoes and boots, belts, scarves, purses, ties, suits, dressings, pants and tops and then organizing them in a way that is most convenient to the homeowner.

“I give you the tools you need to begin your day more organized with less stress,” Cooper said. “If I can improve your space to make your life better, I have succeeded.”  

Cooper said in looking at closets there is never enough shelves or room for accessories.

“The hanging rods are not the correct height and many times clothes are resting on the floor,” Cooper said. “A lot of systems have zero flexibility and there is no way to make adjustments.”

Cooper said California Closets does much more than closets. They specialize in cleaning up any personal space and making it more functional.

“We can organize everything from a pantry to a wine bar to a garage,” Cooper said, “and everything in-between. We even have units that can be placed in a study that have Murphy beds so the study can also double as a guest room.”

Accessories within the units include fold-up ironing boards, pull-down rods, pull-out bins for dog food and drawers to hold dog food and water bowls, glass mounts in wine bars, laundry bags, holders for tools and slide out hangers for dress pants.

“We have unique ways to address people’s needs,” Cooper said. “We work with the client to design something that is aesthetically pleasing and within their budget, as we design smart areas that work.”

A 3D rendering is made — a visualization of what the space will look and feel like with custom storage solutions. The client will be able to experiment with different combinations of shelves and hanging areas, hardware and accessories, colors and finishes as well as room configuration.

Experienced installers arrive in the morning and in most cases a brand new closet is installed that is ready to be used by that evening, Cooper said.

STORE HOURS are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. California Closets’ new location is at 111 S. Broadway. For more information go to To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-724-9934 or 844-4880 or contact