The Edmond Sun

February 6, 2014

Timber Crest earns 5-0 vote

Commission approves 3 other plats

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The Edmond Planning Commission this week approved the preliminary plat of the Timber Crest addition. The vote was 5-0 for the item proposed to be located on the west side of Midwest Boulevard, west of the Tanglevine Addition, 660 feet north of Covell Road.

Premium Land LLC would like to build 188 lots on 80.53 acres, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner. The addition will be required to connect with city utilities.

“We’ll certainly comply with all that,” said Todd McKinnis, representing the developer.

Lot sizes in Timber Crest would range from 9,800 square feet or more with 3.1 units per acre. There is a flood plain in the common area.

A stub-out to the north will provide connectivity, Schiermeyer said. Access will be available for 171 lots from Timber Crest Way, Schiermeyer said. Seventeen lots are accessed from Cross Timbers at the south end of the property, he added.

No more action is necessary on behalf of the city, said Barry Moore, commission chairman.

Final plat approved for Thornbrooke Manor

The final plat of the third addition of Thornbrooke Manor, phase 1, was approved 5-0 by the Edmond Planning Commission this week.

This item requested by Thornbrooke Development LLC is located north of 33rd Street, east of Bryant Avenue, and west of Thornbrooke Boulevard, said Barry Moore, commission chairman.

“These four lots just present a unique situation where we have public access with utilities and the detention is existing,” said Mark Farris, representing the developer. “So the lots are in compliance with all city codes and ordinances and they’d like to start building while the rest of the addition is under construction.”

The City Council previously approved the Thornbrooke III plat in 2013 for 85 lots on 39 acres. The 1.9-acre lots would front onto Thornbrooke Boulevard, Schiermeyer said. Water and sewage would be extended from Thornbrooke.

Consideration of the item by the City Council is set for Feb. 14.

Commission approves final plat for Cottage Grove

The final plat for the Cottage Grove, Section 1 addition was agreed to 5-0 by the Edmond Planning Commission this week.

Scott McGregor of the McGregor Family Trust plans to develop his property that is located on the east side of Midwest Boulevard, one-eighth mile north of Covell Road.

The first phase is zoned for single family, Schiermeyer said. Fifty-seven lots on 17.30 acres are included in the first phase, he said. Lot sizes average 7,800 square feet with homes measuring 2,000 square feet. Streets in the addition will be public, according to the plan.

The City Council will consider this item Feb. 14.

Preliminary plat approved for Summit III at Oak Tree

Edmond Planning Commissioners approved the preliminary plat for the Summit III at Oak Tree addition. The vote this week was 5-0 for the request made by Verde Land LLC.

“It fits in with the master plan of Oak Tree, which I guess goes back to 1974,” Schiermeyer said.

Summit III at Oak Tree is on the south side of Waterloo Road, just under one-quarter mile east of Kelly Avenue, Schiermeyer said. Oak View Road will provide access to private streets in the addition.

The lots are adjacent to the Oak Tree Country Club Golf Course to the south of the property. The lot sizes are about 15,600 square feet in size, Schiermeyer said.

“It’s a relatively small addition, 11.6 acres with 15 lots,” Schiermeyer said.

 Private streets need to be reviewed by the City Council, he said. The item will come before the City Council Feb. 24, Moore said.

New church granted specific use permit

The Edmond Planning Commission agreed to a specific use permit request by Randy Barnett for tenant approval for the Riverside Church. This week’s vote was 5-0 for the church to occupy 2,100 square feet at the Kelly Centre Shopping Center.

This property is on the east side of Kelly Avenue, south of West Edmond Road. Schiermeyer said the church will be on the north end of the center.

City utilities and plenty of parking space is available for the maximum of 50 persons who will worship at Riverside Church, Schiermeyer said. Occupancy will be temporary.

“This is a three-year gig,” Moore said.

The City Council will consider the item Feb. 24.

Planning Commission agrees to permit sign variance

A sign variance for Qdoba Mexican Grill, 1300 W. Covell Road, was approved by the Edmond Planning Commission this week.

The sign is proposed to be in a utility easement, Schiermeyer said. Dr. Damon Johnson and Uptown Market received similar variances from the Edmond City Council.

“They have potential for a couple of tenants in this building in addition to the restaurant,” Schiermeyer said.

Two sign foundation pillars would be placed over the utility. The sign can be unbolted from the base foundations. Preventing them from collapsing onto the sewer is a potential risk when work is necessary on the utility, Schiermeyer said.

“I don’t know if that is going to work perfectly,” Schiermeyer said.

A condition of the sign variance requires the sign’s owners to pay for the sign’s removal if work is needed on the sewer, Moore said.

City Engineer Steve Manek said the engineering department will evaluate the stability of the two posts. Metro Signs stated they will do everything possible not to damage the sewer.

The City Council will consider the item Feb. 14.