The Edmond Sun

October 19, 2012

Francis Tuttle aids businesses

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The Corporate Training Facility at Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s Rockwell campus recently opened. The facility houses the Business and Industry Services Team, which provides customized training for the district.

“We are the training department for many companies,” said Peggy Geib, director at Francis Tuttle Technology Center. “There may be a large company that has their own training department, but if they have a gap in their expertise, they will call on us to come on in and provide that training for their employees.”

More companies have come on board as Francis Tuttle has increased the training services it provides. The school needed more space to conduct the training, Geib said.

“Francis Tuttle, being the visionary organization that it is, stepped up to the plate and said we really need to create a center that is dedicated to the companies in our district,” Geib said.

The 40,000-square-foot building contains training classrooms of varying size. Three shops allow for any type of training a company needs by moving equipment into the facility, Geib said.

One shop is dedicated to providing safety training for companies, running the gamut from confined space training, fall protection, scaffolding training and trenching, Geib said.

“Safety training, just like other types of training, can be from the very basic developing skills to the very complex and very technical,” Geib said.

Strategic planning with the Business and Industry Services Team created BHAG four years ago, a term standing for a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

City Councilman Nick Massey said Francis Tuttle continues to create business training that appeals to the community.

Companies such as Pelco Products will contract with Francis Tuttle for customized training based on specific needs within the company. Computer training, team building, leadership development and job profiles are among the services Francis Tuttle has provided for Pelco.

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