The Edmond Sun

November 30, 2012

Health care solution offers affordable medical care

SalernoHealth cuts health care costs for employers

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — SalernoHealth is a new health care solution that provides affordable direct medical care for employers, employees and their families.

SalernoHealth was founded in January but it has been an idea in the making since 2007, said Edmond resident Ed Bertels, SalernoHealth managing partner.

“We have been looking at something less expensive than health care available on the market today since 2007,” Bertels said.

SalernoHealth is not health insurance, but a different option.

Health care premiums are not going down, he added, and this plan is one that can save dollars for the company purchasing it.

“Since 1999 there has been a three-fold increase in inflation and health care has seen a 255 percent increase in the last several years,” Bertels said.

Most insurance policies are based on high volume and low cost, but SalernoHealth is based on a different model. With SalernoHealth the administrative costs are all but eliminated, and the physician is paid based on membership enrolled in the program.

“I would liken it to a cousin of concierge medicine where a specific amount is paid per month no matter how many times the concierge doctor sees a patient. It is the same access but not the same cost as concierge medicine. There is an office visit charge of $30, which includes lab work and X-rays done in the office.  

“Within the first two tiers of the health care plan you have access to exceptional primary care and specialty/surgical care without the worry of deductibles, complex paperwork, co-insurance, pre-authorizations or pre-existing condition exclusions,” Bertels said.

And a patient can go to any one of the six doctors.

“We have a network of experienced primary care physicians, specialists and surgeons throughout the Oklahoma City metro area providing direct medical care based on the most frequently performed tests and procedures all in an affordable membership,” Bertels said.

“If a patient has already been seen by a doctor and is showing signs of the previous illness a diagnosis may be given over the med-line bringing a continuity of care and a reduction of unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office,” he said.

Doctors have offices in Edmond, northwest Oklahoma City, Mustang, Moore, Midwest City and Mid-town.

“We have an expandable base based on the number of patients,” Bertels said.

There are three levels with SalernoHealth including primary care physicians in the first tier, a surgical specialty plan in the second tier and a major medical wrap-around policy in the third tier provided by licensed insurance brokers not SalernoHealth.

“SalernoHealth offers a health care membership plan starting at $49. The savings will be in the first two layers,” Bertels said. “The cost is reduced because the doctor gets paid a specific rate for each person paying into the plan.”

The policy offered by SalernoHealth is written into the Affordable Medical Care Plan, and Bertels said the fact that Obama Care passed gives more wind in their sails.

“No one has done anything like this or is doing anything like it,” Bertels said.

“Our plan is 30 to 40 percent less than other plans and the only model that shows a significant decrease,” Bertels said. “We know premiums are never going to go down for health care, but this plan keeps the price down for an employer purchasing insurance for employees or for an individual looking for insurance on his own.”

The company employs eight people in the office. Six family doctors and 14 physicians are contracted to work with the plan, each doctor with 15 to 20 years of experience and each with his own existing practice.

“At this time I would say 40 to 50 percent of all emergency room visits could be seen by primary care doctors,” Bertels said. “We have the right approach, and we are the only company that can significantly reduce premiums.

“We are not insurance but rather direct medical care.”

FOR MORE information, contact Ed Bertels at 607-4455 or go online at