The Edmond Sun

February 19, 2014

Rezoning protested by resident

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The Edmond Planning Commission agreed to rezone a 10-acre tract Tuesday evening from general agricultural to a rural estate dwelling district. The vote was 4-0.

Vincent White made the rezoning request for his property that is located on the west side of Westminster Road, south of East Second Street.  

A house is located in the middle of the property. White’s intent is to divide the tract into lots no smaller than 2 acres, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

“They will have one larger lot at the back, the cabin in the middle and then another lot in the front along Westminster,” Schiermeyer said.

A  private road provide access to the property from the south. Private streets are allowed by state statute when lots are more than a quarter of a mile from public water and sewers as long as they are 2-acre lots or larger, Schiermeyer said.

“I want to protest the rezoning of this property to residential lots,” said Mark Kyle, who lives north of the 10-acre tract on Westminster Road.

Kyle said he is concerned about changes to the density of the property. The nearest fire station is located too far away near 15th Street and Interstate 35, he said. The closest fire hydrant is at Post Road and State Highway 66, he added.

“Another major concern that I have is drainage,” Kyle said.

Too much water from the three homes would flow downhill to his property that is surrounded by two converging creeks, he added.

“Our road continually washes due to the water flow from the property above,” Kyle said.

Water wells are on Kyle’s property. He said that dividing the 10-acre tract with the addition of septic systems could become an environmental hazard.

Kyle said he learned from the City of Edmond that there is not enough traffic on Westminster Road to justify replacing its gravel and tar surface with asphalt.

“Since that road is not really functional with all the traffic on it now, increasing the traffic would only make the problem worse,” he said.

The City Council will consider the item Monday night, said Barry Moore, commission chairman. | 341-2121