The Edmond Sun

October 4, 2013

Weigh2Go offers tools for living life to its fullest

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

OKLA. CITY — Not new at helping other people learn to live more healthy lives, Kammi McNeal, a licensed vocational nurse, has worked with a bariatric group as well as with two of the major players in weight loss where she received an education on how carbohydrates and sugars work in one’s system.

McNeal and Roxanne Marshall, RN, have opened Weigh2Go in two locations in Oklahoma City where they are selling the Ideal Protein products and way of life.

McNeal was born and raised in Oklahoma but traveled to San Diego before returning to Oklahoma two years ago and settling down in Edmond.

“I have always been interested in helping people become more healthy and after studying weight-loss methods I was more sure it is not fat that makes you fat and ruins your health, it is carbohydrates and sugars,” she said.

While attending a conference, McNeal saw a colleague who had lost a lot of weight.

“We talked to him about his blood chemistry and found out that it had changed for the better after losing his weight,” McNeal said. “His cholesterol level and triglycerides were back to normal, but the most impressive thing was that he had been borderline diabetic and his blood levels were in the normal range. His blood pressure was down and he had come off four different medications he had been taking.”  

McNeal said their colleague told them before he lost his weight he was approaching metabolic syndrome and he knew he had to do something about it.

“Metabolic syndrome is the name of a group of risk factors that make people twice as likely to have diabetes or heart disease,” McNeal said. “These include obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and hormonal changes in both men and women. Lifestyle, weight, exercise and age all are contributing factors.”

They learned the method he had been on to lose weight was called The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

“After checking into Ideal Protein I found that it is a low carbohydrate and low sugar plan that includes products that help promote fat loss and at the same time enhances muscle tone,” McNeal said. “While some high protein diets are often high in saturated fats and can tax the liver and the kidneys, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method provides just the right amount of the highest-quality protein needed to protect and improve muscle mass and vital organs.”

The method is a medically designed protocol that  was developed in France more than 20 years by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, who focused on nutrition with emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity-related issues.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a four-phase protocol that helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue.

Ideal Protein foods include soups, hot and cold drinks, oatmeal, crispy cereal, puddings, protein bars and mixes for omelets, chili and spaghetti, soy and chicken patties and potato puree that can be mixed with a fork or made into a soup and many other choices.

In addition to the Ideal Protein food products, lean meat and specific fresh vegetables and salads are to be eaten each day.

The learning curve of the program is how to maintain a life and eat food that you like and eventually make the right choices.

“We want to help people look at food differently,” McNeal said, “and with the food also come the additional tools of an online app, recipes and learning to make the right food decisions to keep your body in ketosis. We want our clients to be successful so in addition to all of these things they come in once a week and weigh and get pointers on how to live healthier.”

There are two Weigh2Go clinics in the Oklahoma City area with plans to add two more in the future — one in Stillwater and one in Ponca City.

The two locations in Oklahoma City are 5201 N. Lincoln on the northwest corner in the newly built Old Surety Life building and 14100 Parkway Commons Drive in Oklahoma City (off Memorial Road).

FOR MORE information go to the Weigh2Go website, which will be coming soon at, or contact Kammi McNeal at 777-9205.