The Edmond Sun

March 22, 2013

Pelco Products Inc. announces copper theft prevention product

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — There is no question regarding the increasing rash of copper theft throughout the United States and abroad. Not only is copper theft a huge problem for utility companies and municipalities, but it also puts a great strain on the safety and resources of the taxpayers within that community.

As a leading solutions based supplier serving these industries, Pelco felt the need to step up and help find a solution.

Now, in addition to Pelco’s Anti-Theft Cable Retainer, the Copper Safe Locking Hand Hole Cover and Locking T-Base Door are available to begin solving a community’s theft issues. These devices are locking instead of the simple cover or door currently used. These products protect the copper inside through a lock that can only be opened with a special Pelco tool, making it very difficult for thieves to break into the pole and steal the copper cable.

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