The Edmond Sun

May 11, 2013

JK Hair Salon embraces family, enhances beauty

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Not many businesses can boast the staying power of clients as well as workers, but JK Hair Salon can do both.

Out of 22 staff members, 13 are related. Five moms with adult children as well as an aunt and niece duo all work side-by-side, and they not only get along they love the idea of working together. Some of the staff members have been working together for more than 30 years.

Owned by Judy Lewis and Karen Corey, JK Hair Salon is nestled in the corner of The Plaza at 15th and Broadway in Edmond, right next to the Goodwill store. Judy bought the space 35 years ago from a husband and wife who operated a barber shop/beauty parlor, and Corey joined her almost immediately as a stylist.

Corey agreed it is a rarity to find so many moms working so smoothly with their children. The focus on family makes JK Hair Salon the perfect place for a Mother’s day beauty appointment, although male clients fit in perfectly.

“I remember walking in the first day, and Judy’s 3-year-old daughter, Tracy, was at the back playing with her Barbie Beauty Parlor set,” Corey said. “I was pregnant with my first daughter.”

Three of Corey’s children grew up playing in the shop and then joining their mom as stylists and her two daughters are still there along with Tracy who is also one of the stylists.

“I grew up in the salon, and I love working with my mom,” said Tracy Nichols, Judy’s daughter.

When a client steps through the door there is an at-home atmosphere where fun and familiarity are found. Corey likens it to the atmosphere of the popular television show, “Cheers,” where “everybody knows your name.”

“This is one of Edmond’s best kept secrets,” Williams said of the salon.

With such an extensive network of relatives, every person who walks through the door is simply considered a new member of the family with a story to be shared and celebrated.

“The first time I went to JK Hair Salon I was full of nervous instruction for the hair stylist, ‘Layered, trimmed, but not too short,’” said client Maggie Williams. “It still has to fit into a ponytail. Nothing too dramatic, but still cute.”

Williams added, “Now, several years later, the stylist and I barely even reference my hair because I trust her implicitly — and we have far more important topics to discuss, like life.”

Corey said in addition to seasoned stylists the salon has young stylists bringing new and fresh ideas with them.

Corey’s eldest daughter Jennie Dugas said, “Honestly, I knew I would be guaranteed a job because I would be assisting my mom.”

Today, the salon continues to serve people in all capacities of beauty needs expanding from those first days to now include hair extensions, weaves, spray tanning, waxing, chemical peels and microderm abrasions, permanent make-up tattooing and ultrasonic body sculpting and facial enhancement, in addition to hair styling, color and manicures and pedicures.

Body sculpting is performed by a licensed cosmetologist using an ultrasound based machine to blast fat cells out of a particular body area.

The owners operate a Paul Mitchell focus salon, which means they use 100 percent Paul Mitchell products and techniques. Every year, Williams and Corey send stylists to the Paul Mitchell Convention to stay current on trends, products, techniques and styles.

“Focus salons are encouraged to give back to the community, and Paul Mitchell models that with his salons using his products,” Corey said.

JK Hair Salon takes the concept of giving back seriously. They have provided free back to school haircuts to underprivileged children; donated hair, nail and makeup services to church ministries working to empower women to lead stronger, healthier lives; and they have given complete makeovers to mothers re-entering the workforce.

Williams said she enjoys people and making a difference in their lives, and she said she believes the reason her business has flourished is because of God.

“God placed us all together, and we all have God in our hearts,” Williams said. “Our relationships work because we put God first.”

Corey said, “Judy has always been a good mentor in business as well as in family life. Everything starts at the top with Judy and myself and trickles down to those who work with us.”

In 2012, JK Hair Salon received an Oklahoma Reader’s Choice Award for best Hair Salon/Barber; two Sunshine Awards from The Edmond Sun for Best Hair Salon/Barber and Best Beauty Salon/Spa; and they were recognized by Edmond Life and Leisure.

JK Hair Salon is at 44 E. 15th St. Walk-ins are welcome but to make an appointment, call 341-1984.