The Edmond Sun

February 19, 2014

Street projects on hold; Broadway/33rd Street work to begin this year

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Making improvements to traffic flow at the intersection of Bryant and Second Street continues to be pending for the City of Edmond.

Meanwhile, improvements are on hold for the intersection of Broadway and 15th Street.

The Capital Projects and Financing Task Force discussed the item Tuesday as it reviewed budget recommendations for the 2000 Capital Improvement Sales Tax Fund. A cost estimate for the project is not estimated by the city.

“We don’t know what to do with the money without spending jillions of dollars,” said Steve Commons, assistant city manager.

This is a multi-million dollar project with more than 50,000 vehicles a day passing through the intersection, said Steve Manek, city engineer. Additional turn lanes are needed in all directions, he said.

Second Street is a state highway, so the city is not able to apply for ACOG (federal) funding for the Second Street portion.  

“It comes down to if we are going to apply for federal funds — what other project gets bumped off the list,” Manek said. “It’s on here. We know it needs some work but it’s not an easy fix.”

Manek said the City of Edmond would like to have the Oklahoma Department of Transportation place intersection improvements on the state’s 8-year plan.

ODOT does not consider it a priority, Manek said. So the city’s next option is to fully fund the reconstruction.

“At this point it’s listed as a pending project. We really don’t have any good answers for that project,” Commons said.

Manek said there are also issues with making improvements to the intersection of 15th Street and Broadway. The city estimates it would cost about $500,000 to add a right-turn lane and do some lane configuration changes he said.

“The problem is we have about a $1 million gas line that is right underneath the curb of the southbound side of 15th, which takes a tremendous amount of right-of-way and cost to drill 30 feet through there,” Manek said.

The landowners have agreed to grant an easement, but federal highway requirements require tenant releases.

“We are unable to get a tenant release from Office Depot, due to instance they had in a different state adjacent to a road project,” Manek said. “Someone got hurt in a parking lot.”

Manek said he is not able to move forward with the project without the tenant release.

“We are kind of just on a hold on that project,” he said. “You’re about to get 33rd Street and Broadway torn up within the next 12 months. And that might be enough for a little while on Broadway.”

This project will bring additional dual westbound to southbound left-turn lanes as well as dual southbound to eastbound left-turn lanes, according to City Manager Larry Stevens.

Both single westbound and eastbound right turn lanes will be provided, too. A median will be installed on 33rd Street, east of Broadway with the area widened, Stevens said in November.

Construction of the project is anticipated in November at a cost estimated at $6.2 million, he said.

“The city’s share is roughly half, 49 percent, which will come from an allocation in the 2000 Capital Improvements Sales Tax,” Stevens said. That is a permanent 3/4-cent sales tax collected by the city specifically for capital improvement projects. | 341-2121