The Edmond Sun

September 27, 2013

Company site helps manage construction

Offers home Builders, Realtors on-line presence

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — BuilderPipe in Edmond is a new company designed to help manage construction job sites and offer home builders and Realtors websites for prospective home buyers to research homes.

“This is a way for Realtors and home builders to manage an online presence under their home brand,” said Brad Storck, founder and CEO of BuilderPipe.

His company does this through job-site management tools, website management tools and home builder association management tools.

“Realtors can find our website management useful because they can take a rendering of the outside of the house and update the website with photos as building of the house progresses both outside and inside,” Storck said.

For job site management, Storck said in today’s modern age of applications, software and devices, it’s hard to find the right solution for a home builder to manage a job site.

“We created BuilderPipe using all the latest technologies making it extremely user friendly and the only construction management application that will be needed,” Storck said. “Builders can put floor plan designs and manage the site through back-end user interface. Job site scheduling, notifications, task lists, documents and costs can all be managed on the website.”

The system itself is modular, said programmer Justin Cain.

“Its functionality is that anyone’s needs can be built into a specific site,” Cain said. “We are able to design the site specific to the builder’s needs.”

The client has frameworks to choose to work within or new frameworks can be designed.

“We wanted to make the process of designing and managing the website simple,” Storck said. “If we have to sell a training package to use the management tool, then we have failed.”

BuilderPipe gives home builders a way to manage listings, community pages and blogs, prospects and clients and makes it a destination for prospective home buyers to create accounts and store favorite floor plans and home listings they like.

File folders can be created to hold copies of statements, supporting documents and invoices. Notes can be added instantaneously.

“It removes the white space in communicating,” Storck said. “No more calling and leaving a message and then playing the waiting game. A project manager can update daily.”

A job log can be created automatically logging the time, day status, tasks completed, new costs daily and the website also features a full weather service each day by the National Weather Service.

“The thing that is unique is the website can be customized for the builder, home builder or Realtor,” Storck said. “With BuilderPipe construction management system you can easily communicate and streamline the process in one spot. Whether you are making a comment on an assigned task or sending the owner selections updates, all the communication for your job is streamlined, date stamped and logged, and it can be updated in the field.”

More than 60 percent of Internet usage is now coming from mobile devices, Storck said, and more than 97 percent of all new home searches begin online.

“More than 87 percent of prospective home buyers will research online before deciding to build with a home builder,” Storck said. “Knowing these statistics, how many buyers are you losing out on if your site is not mobile and tablet friendly.”

In this day and age people want to interact, Storck said.

“Younger builders ‘get it’ and some of the more experienced builders see the advantages but want someone else to do the work setting the website up, and we can work either way,” Storck said.

The same information that can be viewed on a computer screen can be seen on a phone screen, although the format is different.

“To manage job documents, files and images it is as simple as creating a folder with a right click, or set a folder to private where only staff can see it,” Storck said. “Drag all of the documents directly from your desktop and you are done.”

The initial cost can be less than $1,000 to set up the website or $5,000-$7,000 with the company providing photographs, description, content and copy.

“We couldn’t make it any easier if we tried,” Storck said.

FOR MORE information, go to or contact Brad Storck at or call 1-855-832-4405.