The Edmond Sun

August 23, 2013

Planning Commission approves new neighborhood

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The preliminary plat of Cottage Grove was approved this week 5-0 by the Edmond Planning Commission.

This area is located east of Midwest Boulevard and north of Covell Road. Tanglevine addition is located to the north of the property.

Another unplatted addition, Covell Springs, is to the south of the Cottage Grove preliminary plat, said planning commissioner Barry Moore, chairman.

Water and sewer lines serving the Thunder Canyon development must connect to the single family Cottage Grove utilities, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner. Lot sizes range from 7,200 square feet to 7,800 square feet.

Two public streets would connect to Midwest Boulevard without private gated access, Schiermeyer said.

Lots on the looped streets would back-up to the Tanglewood addition.

A floodplain is on the east side of the proposed addition. Applicant Scott McGregor would like to have 136 lots developed on 45.33 acres, Schiermeyer said.

“That equates to about three lots per acre,” said attorney Randel Shadid, representing McGregor.

A Cottage Grove homeowners’ association will be required, due to a number of common areas, including floodplain, Schiermeyer said.

Tanglewood resident Mary Ann Olson said the preliminary plat is not consistent with Edmond Plan 4.

The density of Cottage Grove would erode the rural setting and create a suburban, urban character, she said.

“… The lots are so small that we would not be able to retain the character of this community,” Olson said. “The trees would have to come down.”

Although also asked for a wall to separate Cottage Grove from Tanglewood, Shadid said the developer is not required to provide one. McGregor values trees and has no intent to remove trees except for driveways and pads.

Consideration of the preliminary plat ended at the Planning Commission, Moore said.