The Edmond Sun

November 22, 2013

Arts Council plans event for artists

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — The Arts Council of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition will present an “InfoRama” for local artists looking to find practical ways to pursue community-based arts careers from 7-8:15 p.m. Dec. 10 at [Artspace] at Untitled gallery.

Artists working in community and educational settings will talk briefly about their experiences in lightning-quick panels, then speak about practical steps for entering those specific areas. There will be time for Q&A.

Areas and speakers include:

• Teaching/Site-based Artists: Skills, credentials, site-based work; led by Leslie Hensley (artist), with Jeremy Cunanan and Sharon Astrin of the Arts Council of Oklahoma City;

• Socially engaged Artists: Funding and collaboration options for projects; led by Julia Kirt of Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition;

• Oklahoma Visual Arts Art Therapists: Credentialing and site-based work; led by Renee Boone of the Oklahoma Arts Council; and

• Art Educators: Certification, skills, and managing your own practice; led by Kathleen Blake, AP Studio Art and National Board Certified teacher, AP Consultant and practicing artist.

“We are inviting any artist who is interested in exploring a community-based, socially engaged practice — whether in schools, therapeutic sites, neighborhoods or community agencies,” said Sharon Astrin, director of the Community Arts Program at the Arts Council. “We will provide concrete, applicable information so that any artist who desires this kind of arts practice will know where to start and will see the path that lies ahead.”

This event is organized by the Arts Council of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition with space provided by [Artspace] at Untitled.

For more information on the event, call Astrin at 270-4891. For more information on the Arts Council of Oklahoma City, visit For more information on the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, visit