The Edmond Sun

December 27, 2013

If a house needs painting, paint it

Marjorie Anderson
Special to The Sun

EDMOND — The first of the year is a good time to purge cabinets, drawers and closets; but oh dear, where shall I start? Three electric coffee makers lined my kitchen counter until last week when I threw out the one-cup-at-a-time Keurig, and I’m sleeping much better now. Never did get the button-punching combination right ... couldn’t bear the tension of not knowing if a gusher would overflow my cup, or the machine would just sit there blinking blue lights and offer up nothing. Besides, Mr. Coffee and the Bunn are enough. Never less than two, though. You never know when you’re going to have to throw out the one that gets stubborn.

Nothing more here in the kitchen, so let’s move on to the garage and see what we find there. For starters, there’s the car. Ten years old come spring. Looks like it’ll last another 10, but what about those half-empty gallon cans of house paint? Eight of them, aren’t there? Surely they’ve dried up by now. Seems like just yesterday the painters were here collecting paint scrapings for Home Depot to color-code. Hard to believe they came up with five different shades of green and two of gray. Still, I liked the existing paint job and wanted it duplicated, and they did what they could to give me what I wanted. Maybe I’ll have the house repainted next summer. We’ll leave the cans here until I decide.

Might as well tackle the office. That’s where the hardest decisions will have to be made. I wish you’d look at these overflowing file cabinets! Why, there are dog-eared documents going every which way with no rhyme or reason, some dating back as far as ... well, here’s one dated 2006. Oh, my, what a year that was! Not a dull moment, what with all those people coming and going. Flowers everywhere, and how we did eat! Clemy’s boy nearly set the house on fire when he. ...

Or was that in 2009? Not that it matters. Might as well throw all this stuff out unless. ... I wonder how long you’re supposed to keep records in case the taxman needs them. Seems like it was five years, but it could be. ... Oh, well. The shredder jammed up last year about this time so it’s of no use anyhow. Let’s just push the drawers back in and leave everything as is. That way I’ll know where to find what I need when I need it.

I’d hoped to get the medicine cabinets cleaned out before I quit, but New Year’s house purging is hard work. Here, you grab up a couple of armloads of these outdated phone books and carry them out to the recycling bin, and I’ll be right behind you with another load. What the hey! It’s more than I got rid of last year, and I feel good about that. Maybe next year I’ll recycle the car.