The Edmond Sun

September 9, 2013

Letters (9-10)

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — Edmond, pick up

your trash

To the Editor:

Edmond is a trashy place. Everywhere you look there is trash accumulating along our streets and public places. And whether Edmond is more or less trashy than Oklahoma City, Yukon or Moore is not the issue.

The question we have to answer is why we allow it to be so in our town. Especially in a community that prides itself on the real attractions of a good university, wonderful parks, and excellent public education. What can we do do about it? For one, let’s no longer toss our trash out in our public places.

Since some will continue to be irresponsible, let’s then adopt a more community-oriented mindset. Each of us taking the time and effort can make a real dent in that trashy picture Edmond has become. Perhaps we can even shame some of the others to help as well.

Jerry Stephens


Why assist evil doers?

To the Editor:

I cannot, and will not, support or assist any victims of tyranny and atrocities if those same victims are killing my fellow Christian brothers and sisters or are burning Christian churches.

Rockie Yardley