The Edmond Sun

November 22, 2013

City’s traffic solutions disappoint resident

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

I am totally disappointed with the city officials in Edmond. I live in an addition where it is difficult and extremely dangerous to exit or enter the neighborhood.

We have had numerous traffic accidents and a fatality last month; yet the city continues to say “you do not meet the criteria for a traffic light.”

Reading from the website for the Edmond Economic Development Authority, it says “Edmond continues to grow in population, advance in education and enhance the quality of life of its citizens.”

I would think that providing adequate safety for our residents would certainly be considered enhancing the quality of life. Edmond should be making a better effort to care for its existing residents; don’t simply strive to increase our population.

I strongly encourage all residents in the Trails South addition as well as their friends to remember this when we go to the polls next to elect city councilmen and mayor.

Kathryn Olds