The Edmond Sun

June 22, 2012

Energy secretary gives support to Jolley

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

I first moved to Edmond in 1970. I graduated from Edmond Memorial High School when there was only one high school. I’ve watched Edmond, and Oklahoma, grow and prosper.

Clark Jolley has been my senator for seven years. I’ve watched him capably represent Edmond and blossom into the leader that our state needs. And while Clark can’t take credit for all of Oklahoma’s remarkable recent achievements, he has certainly been instrumental. Oklahoma has weathered the great recession far better than most other states. We are creating jobs, growing our economy, refilling our Rainy Day fund, all while lowering taxes. Our unemployment rate is well below that of the nation. Clark’s leadership role in the Senate has been a key. His chairmanship of the Senate appropriations committee is one of the most important roles at the Capitol. Leadership is earned, not given. His role was earned by getting things done.

Edmond could not be better positioned at our state Capitol, and there could not be a better senator for Edmond than Jolley. I can say that because I’ve watched him in action. I have had the unique honor and privilege to serve Gov. Mary Fallin as her Secretary of Energy for just more than a year. In my short time at the state Capitol I’ve seen who gets things done, and how things get done. Sen. Jolley is a critical part of that process and a true conservative statesman. He stands his ground when he has to and works with others when he needs to. The results speak for themselves.

With the help of Jolley, the Legislature worked with Fallin to balance the budget, close a $500 million shortfall, and do so while cutting taxes. Oklahoma created tens of thousands of new jobs, thanks to the pro-business policies he has helped to author and pass into law. None of this would have been possible without the type of leadership that Clark has exhibited throughout his career.

On June 26, you have an opportunity to help continue Oklahoma’s forward momentum by voting to re-elect Sen. Clark Jolley.

Michael Ming


MICHAEL MING is secretary of energy for Oklahoma.