The Edmond Sun

May 21, 2012

Politicians need to be more factual

Larry E. Woods
Special to The Sun

EDMOND — To The Editor:

Like many fellow citizens of Edmond, I have observed the strenuous campaign for District 41 state Senate seat between Paul Blair and Clark Jolley. During my 24 years in Edmond, I can’t recall the level of effort and money spent for a state Senate seat.

A few day past, I received the “the Boeing” first class, slick flier informing me Clark Jolley has been successful in bringing aerospace jobs (600 high-paying Boeing aircraft jobs) to central Oklahoma greatly benefiting Edmond. I attempted to locate this facility recalling previous news that a Boeing engineering section was being discussed. No address, no phones, no information about this being done so I called Boeing in Seattle who informed me there was no high profile engineering section listed in her corporate directories for Central Oklahoma.

Continuing the search, I called a friend of 30 years, an industrial engineer for Boeing in Seattle who knew nothing about either an existing or planned large engineering section for Oklahoma.  I’m one of the people who would love to see it happen, but evidently, it has not in fact happened.

The Senate seat is designed as a service post representing the interests of the district, communicating with constituents and ensuring transparency in the elected officials who so greatly affect one’s freedoms and fortunes.

All candidates will benefit by focusing on their personal responsibilities, eliminate negative slanderous statements, truthfulness and practicing doing what’s right and what is fair.

Larry E. Woods


EDITOR’S NOTE: Boeing has an Oklahoma City facility listed at 6001 S. Air Depot Blvd. in Oklahoma City. Early this year, announced Pentagon cuts put into jeopardy the Air Force C-130 Avionics Modernization Program, which included almost half of the 550 Boeing jobs slated to be transferred from California to Oklahoma. That decision remains on hold, according to a May 9 story by the Chicago Tribune.