The Edmond Sun

April 23, 2012

Dog’s tale has happy ending with Edmond business

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

Have you experienced or seen a loved one or pet have a seizure? It’s one of the most horrifying experiences.

Three years ago we rescued Honeylamb, a beautiful puppy, half golden retriever/half Irish setter. Honeylamb doesn’t have a care in the world, mild mannered, loves naps and for the most part, afraid of everyone.  

At 18 months she had a seizure. Honeylamb’s seizure lasted 15 minutes and afterwards she did not recognize us or her surroundings. She was a completely different dog — growling, barking viciously at everything, drooling — we secured Honeylamb in one of our bedrooms with a gate so we could monitor her. After 20 minutes she calmed down not remembering the last 35 minutes and we were in shock. Honeylamb spent the night in observation at the “animal emergency room” and then a long consult with our veterinarian.  

In the next four months she experienced three more seizures, each as severe as the first one. My days at work were torture, watching the clock and wondering if Honeylamb was OK. Our family decided to look for a doggie day care, one that had dealt with seizures and willing to administer medication to Honeylamb during a seizure as well as isolating her from other dogs until she regained herself. I was absolutely having no luck. A friend of a friend heard our story and recommended I contact Pawparazzi Lounge, Dog Care Services of Edmond.  

Jordyn, owner of Pawparazzi Lounge, asked me to bring Honeylamb by and see how she would adjust with the other dogs. Four agonizing hours later I picked up Honeylamb. Jordyn was very willing to accept the responsibility of every facet of the seizures and to protect Honeylamb, as well as the other dogs, during one of her episodes. Honeylamb is now a permanent Pawparazzi student on my workdays.  

I can watch her and her many friends during the day via webcams that Pawparazzi has installed.  

 It’s now going on 14 months and her seizures have decreased in frequency. However, if Honeylamb does experience one at Pawparazzi I have complete confidence Jordyn and her staff will give the appropriate care Honeylamb needs. The Pawparazzi Lounge is one of Edmond’s hidden treasures.

Thank you Pawparazzi and staff for all the devoted love and care you show to all of your “furry students.”

Joe and Kay Lucas