The Edmond Sun

July 13, 2012

Reader: Fireworks songs should have veered toward the patriotic

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

I am a visitor in Edmond, a good friend of mine lives here and I visit often. I was fortunate enough to enjoy the events of LibertyFest. The parade was fun and filled with great patriotic directed floats and participants as well as local appreciated police, fire and service organizations as one would expect in a Fourth of July celebration.

The fireworks were a beautiful and glorious tribute to our nation. We tuned in on FM 90.1 to enjoy the in-sync music, which most definitely adds to the festivity and the celebration of our country and forefathers who laid the foundation of it. While a few songs touched on the USA, overall the music was a disappointment. I kept waiting for the long-standing familiar patriotic songs that touch our hearts and speak to this great land of freedom and one nation under God. Songs that celebrate our armed forces and creates pride in those who live here and have chosen to live here. Songs that remain tried and true and never grow old to ears of American citizens. Sure, mix in a few new ones but the bulk should be true patriotic and the firework finale the main tribute to such, not “its a great day of general happiness” song. Fortunately, as we drove down May Avenue after the event, Ray Charles’ “America” played on 92.5 FM, and people were giving the thumbs up and showing spirit to that which was great to hear.

I hope future Independence Day celebrations will be filled with patriotic tunes that truly celebrate our country, troops, citizens and freedom.

Cynthia Jansky

Garland, Texas