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February 22, 2013

Edmond’s state senators and representatives can do their part to help the economy

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

Enclosed below is a list of things that I as a citizen believe to be important for the upcoming session.

1. Forget the elimination of, or decrease in, the state income tax, particularly until the following matters have been remedied, to wit: Repair the state Capitol, repair the Thorpe building, get the medical examiner’s office constructed and in operation, properly fund education, properly fund transportation and fund the $10 billion deficit in the state retirement programs.

I support a bond issue to repair the Capitol, Thorpe building and the medical examiner’s office. Oklahoma is a low debt state and with interest rates at historic lows it is insane not to borrow the money to fix the problems referenced.

2. Change workers’ compensation to an administrative system.

3. Freeze ad valorem tax value on homestead only for anyone over 65 years old.

4. Support consolidating school district administrations (not forcing rural schools to close).

5. Support every other legislative session being a 30-day session for budget only and if they don’t get a budget adopted within the 30 days, the legislators forfeit their salary for one year.

6. Support the elimination of assault rifles and magazines holding more than 20 bullets and disallow armor piecing bullets. In a civilized society there is no reason to continue to perpetuate these type of weapons.

7. Don’t waste your time and my taxpayer dollars on more demagoguing about abortion or homosexuals.

8. Representative Turner at a meeting I attended wanted to have a tax free holiday for gun purchases. I oppose this. Guns are flying off the shelves as we speak; and I see no need to not collect state revenues for those purchases. They are doing quite well without being incentivised.

9. Full review and elimination of some tax credits.

10. Convert all state fleet vehicles to natural gas.

11. Mandate clean coal as an allowable fuel for electric generation.

12. Make insurance commissioner and labor commissioner appointive positions by the governor.

13. Support local municipal control over tobacco smoking in public places.

Randel Shadid


RANDEL SHADID is a former Edmond mayor.