The Edmond Sun

February 22, 2013

Remembering good friends

Helen Jackson
Special to The Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor,

I would like to tell the wonderful people of Edmond that we have lost someone very special to us.

The “Corner” Resturant has forever been a gathering place for people from evrey walk of life. I worked there for 20 years and saw many changes in our town. I, many times, thought of how lucky I was to have such good friends there.

In that time came a very special waitress named Julie. She was a friend to all of us and was like a sister to me.

I wanted to be the one to tell her favorite customers from her years at the “Corner” that she passed away this month. It’s hard to believe that I will never again get a note or call from her. She always asked how her friends were doing and evryone at the “corner” was. It was a good part of us both and her laugh will always be there with us coffee drinkers. I wanted all of them to know she loved them dearly and she missed them.

Julie Bindrum passed Feb. 14, 2013. She was only 50-years-old.

Thank you.

Helen Jackson