The Edmond Sun

September 20, 2013

LETTER: Smart meters raise some concerns

The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

I am concerned that the City of Edmond, at some future point, will adopt “smart meters” implemented by a Wi-Fi meshed grid system, as recommended by their hired consultant. I have studied this technology and have clients with actual health problems from exposure to “smart meters.” Therefore, I must ask, “Do you want to take the risk of allowing your city to irradiate everyone in Edmond?”

You do not have to take my word on this matter; the truth is out there. You can find it and learn for yourself. Once you start searching, you will get an overwhelming amount of information but very little will be good news about the “smart meter.”

Here is some of what you can expect to find about “smart meters”: The United States is the only major advanced nation pursuing their wireless use; some states won’t allow them, they generate radiation and make people sick; they present a Fourth Amendment hazard to your privacy; a fire hazard to your home; and the FCC standards for these meters do not protect biological life.

There is no known safe levels of radiation. Smart meters in Edmond will kill the quality of life you have come to expect and make you sick. To verify, please do your own independent research.

Once you learn the truth, call or write your mayor, councilman, city manager and utility director of Edmond Electric and tell them: “No wireless smart meters in Edmond, and because of the Fourth Amendment, no smart meters at all.”

Don M. Powers