The Edmond Sun

November 26, 2013

LETTER: Longtime resident disappointed in city

Special to The Sun

EDMOND — To the Editor:

I have been a longtime resident of Trails South and we have been asking the City of Edmond for many, many years for a traffic light at the corner of Countrywood and Santa Fe. As the city’s population increases, the danger increases. We have had many accidents and finally a fatality at this dangerous intersection.

The City of Edmond agreed to meet with the residents and showed us all kind of impressive graphs, charts, and numbers after a ridiculously short “study” of the area. Those facts do not show the real problem and the residents who were present let it be known that we were not satisfied at all with their so-called “study.”

The city is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on sport complexes and other facilities, but keep telling us there’s no money for a traffic light. What are they going to say when a school bus loaded with school children is involved in a fatal accident there? Wonder how long it would take to settle all those law suits? What does it take for the city to listen to the people’s need instead of numbers?

Gloria Tate