The Edmond Sun

February 15, 2013

Student needs Oklahoma mementos

Alli Griffith
Special to The Sun

Edwardsburg, Mi — To the editor:

Hello, my name is Alli Griffith. I am a seventh-grade student at Covenant Christian School. In Literature, we are reading “A Walk Across America” by Peter Jenkins. For a project, each student must choose a state to do a report on. I have chosen Oklahoma.

My request is to have readers write a letter back to me. History, attractions, sports and anything else that they love about their state would be appreciated. Letters may be sent to 694050 Sundance Dr., Edwardsburg, MI, 49112.

Thanks you so much for taking the time to read this letter and respond. I greatly appreciate it.

Alli Griffith

Edwardsburg, MI