The Edmond Sun

November 13, 2012

Edmond students fare well on state tests

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Edmond students scored well on state testing for the 2011-12 academic year, Board of Education members learned last week.

While 40.8 percent of students statewide receive remediation when they go to college, only 18 percent of Edmond students need additional help going into college classes, said Tara Fair, associate superintendent of educational services for Edmond Public Schools.

Fair told board members every student enrolled in a tested grade level in an Oklahoma public school must participate in testing. All students are administered one of three tests — the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test (OCCT) general assessment (majority of students take this) or an alternate assessment including the Oklahoma Modified Alternate Assessment Program (OMAAP or “Modified”) or the Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP or “Portfolio”).

The OCCT is developed for the majority of students and aligned to the current Oklahoma C3 standards as developed by the State Department of Education. The OMAAP is developed for a small population of students with disabilities and for whom the general assessments are aligned to Oklahoma C3 standards. The OAAP is developed for students with severe cognitive disabilities and aligned to alternate standards.

Following are the results reported by Fair:

• In the ACE Algebra I results Edmond’s student scores went up in proficiency from 96 percent in 2011 to 98 percent in 2012. The state’s percentage in proficiency for 2012 was 82 percent.

• ACE Algebra II and Geometry results also went up from 90 percent in 2011 to 96 percent in 2012. The state’s percentage in proficiency for 2012 is 74 percent.

• Geometry proficiency went up from 94 percent in 2011 to 95 percent in 2012. The state’s percentage in proficiency was 82 percent.

• English II results went from 98 percent to 97 percent. The state’s average for 2012 was 86 percent.

• English III results went from 95 percent to 94 percent. The state’s average for 2012 was 85 percent.

• In Biology I the proficiency went up from 93 percent to 94 percent. The state’s average was 76 percent.

• In U.S. History the proficiency went down from 94 percent in 2011 to 92 percent in 2012. The state’s average was 74 percent.

The 2011-12 National Testing Results for Edmond Public Schools in Advanced Placement and ACT were compared to the previous two years.

In 2009-10 there were 3,116 tests taken and 1,945 were passed for a 62 percent pass rate. The next year 3,196 tests were taken and 2,035 were passed for a 64 percent pass rate. In 2011-12 there were 3,389 tests taken and 2,210 tests were passed for a 65 percent pass rate.

Edmond School District’s ACT composite score was 23.5 compared with the state’s average composite score of 20.7.

Fair said all student accountability is measured in the A-F Report Card released by the State Department of Education.

“In some fashion scores are all part of the report card,” Fair said. “While schools are improving intervention programs, we will be looking closely at reading and looking at targeted scores in writing for the Common Core literacy.

“Students will be reading lengthier passages and there will be a big emphasis on writing. Students will be expected to read and write on more than one document.”

Although the state requires 95 percent of the students to take the state mandated tests, Superintendent David Goin said the Edmond School District tries to test 100 percent of its students.