The Edmond Sun

October 4, 2012

Okla. oil tycoon likes Mitt Romney’s energy plan

Mark Schlachtenhaufen
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Mitt Romney’s energy plan trumps Barack Obama’s, Oklahoma oil tycoon Harold Hamm said.

Hamm, chairman and CEO of Oklahoma City-based Continental Resources and a Romney energy adviser, was the keynote speaker for Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin’s 2012 Governor’s Energy Conference.

When Hamm took the podium, it was hard for him to contain his exuberance about the results of Wednesday evening’s presidential debate, which focused on domestic policy. Polls released during the hours after the event gave Romney the win by a fairly wide margin.

“I’m going to have to mention my association with Romney a little bit here,” Hamm said toward the start of his remarks. “That was some debate last night.”

The dialogue between Romney and Barack Obama was on the economy. The topic of domestic energy came up several times. Romney has made energy, including a goal for North America to be energy independent, a major part of his plan.

Hamm said the presidential candidates spoke about two contrasting visions for the U.S. energy sector. One of them was one of scarcity, he said referring to Obama’s views on oil.

“It was running out. We had to get on to something else quickly. We subsidized a lot of different things,” Hamm said. “The other one, of course, is not that. It’s one of abundance ... one that we can do it in America. We can do it and create a million jobs right here at home. And it’s all American. And it’s not somewhere else.”

Obama’s policy is defeatist, Hamm said.

Continental Resources is a Top 10 petroleum liquids producer in the United States and the largest lease holder in the nation’s premier oil play — the Bakken Play of North Dakota and Montana. The company also has a leading presence in Oklahoma’s Anadarko Woodford Play. In 2011, it reported total revenues of $1.6 billion. | 341-2121, ext. 108