The Edmond Sun

August 17, 2013

Guthrie works out concert kinks

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Temporary access to the downtown Guthrie federal post office will be available free of charge for Guthrie residents during the Mumford & Sons 2013 Gentlemen of the Road Tour festival, said Sereniah Breland, Guthrie city manager.

At least 40,000 additional people are expected to attend the British folk group event that will take place Sept. 6-7 at Cottonwood Flats in Guthrie, Breland said. The city of little more than 10,000 residents is one of three cities in the U.S. to host the 2013 Gentlemen of the Road Festival.

Mumford & Sons management will have exclusive use of some streets in downtown Guthrie during the concert, Breland said. Jam Productions of Chicago will be responsible for providing access downtown, Breland said.

“There will be fencing off for pedestrian traffic,” Breland said of downtown. “There will be ticket boots set up and there’s a $5 entrance fee into that area.”

The city is urging its residents to try not going to the post office during the concert because the number of golf carts may be limited.

“It will be inconvenient, but availability for handicapped access will be provided,” Breland said.

Breland said the city has worked with the post office to notify its customers of their free access to the post office during the two-day event. The city is trying to avoid people trying to gain free access to the concert under a false pretense of picking up their mail, she said.

“We never went out and said, ‘It’s free to get in (to the post office),’” Breland said. “We have just said, ‘Yes, there will be access without charge.’”

More tickets were made available recently for the concert at a price of $109 per ticket. For more information, go to