The Edmond Sun

January 15, 2013

District names new school street, plans partial demolition at Boulevard Academy

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Lynne Rowley told Edmond School Board members the street in front of the new elementary No. 16, Frontier Elementary School, will be named Explorer Drive.

Members of the School Naming Committee met on Dec. 13 to discuss possible names for the street and consideration was given to selecting a name that embodies the concept denoted in “frontier” of a desire of people to move forward into the future.

Rowley said the name embodies the concept of exploration, the pursuit of knowledge through travel or any method of learning and can extend to the discovery of new ideas, new regions and new sciences.

“Explorers are individuals known for their creativity, curiosity, resilience, perseverance and willingness to take risks, all of which are attributes we desire to instill in students,” Rowley said.

In other business Bret Towne, associate superintendent of district operations said the white building located next to Boulevard Academy will be torn down during the remodel of the 88-year-old facility.

Towne told board members most schools are torn down every 50 years.

“We want to maintain Boulevard Academy in its historical form and context as the first high school in Edmond,” Towne said.

Towne said as they were getting into renovating the building next door to the main school, they felt they were going to be far over budget because of the small problems that kept coming up in both the main building as well as with what needed to be done to the attached building.

“The white building next door to the main school is not very attractive and it is in deplorable condition,” Towne said. “There are three ceilings in the adjacent building, which was added at a later time than the original building, and each of the ceilings was going to have to be plumbed for sprinklers.”

Towne said in the main corridor of the original building, one set of walls was not straight (more than 3 inches off from one end to the other), thresholds were 4-7 inches high, there were double floors where concrete had been poured over an existing concrete floor and weak roof trusses.

The original cost for demolition and rebuild was scheduled to cost about $3,362,000, Towne said, and a change order for $48,948.58 was voted and passed 5-0 to finish the unforeseen work which has been found.

Once the work is completed Boulevard Academy will be the Alternative School once again. Boulevard students have been attending classes at Memorial High School.

Towne said a gymnasium or some other construction was discovered in the lower basement and an auditorium was built above it in the center of the school.

“We just keep finding weird little things because we never found the original plans,” Towne said.

Superintendent David Goin said the original building will be much more attractive after the add-on is demolished.