The Edmond Sun

February 12, 2013

Deer Creek approves redistricting plan

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — With the addition of Spring Creek Elementary scheduled to be open for the 2013-14 school year, Deer Creek Board of Education members voted 4-1 to approve its Plan C redistricting map Monday night.  

School Board member John Robertson was the lone vote against the proposal.

Plan C takes students in an area enclosed by Northwest 206th to the south and Northwest 220th to the North, Santa Fe on the west and Kelly on the east and places them in the Prairie Vale district.

Spring Creek Elementary students will be coming from Rose Union and Deer Creek elementary school districts. The area is enclosed on the north by Northwest 164th Street and on the south by Northwest 122nd Street and to the west by Council and to the east by MacArthur. It also includes a small section enclosed by Northwest 122nd Street and Memorial and County Line and Council.

In August a task force composed of parents, district employees, community patrons and two board members started working on a re-districting proposal to be put in place for the 2013-14 school year.

Given the challenge to keep comparable class sizes at all elementary schools and populate the elementary schools with future growth trends in mind, the task force had to adhere to proximity of boundary lines to schools, attendance at the closest school when possible and to keep neighborhoods intact when possible.

Task force committee members presented the three model recommendations three times. The first time the model recommendation was presented in January to board members and then it was presented in two public hearings.

Sub-committees included a presentation committee that presented the models to the board members and at public hearings; a technical team that collected data and provided reports and technical support to other subcommittees as well as explore data including transportation, special needs, English Language Learners and students on free and reduced lunches; and a development committee that gathered data after meeting with builders, developers and other community members to gather information about current and future growth in the Deer Creek School District.

The board chose Plan C after public hearings, driving through neighborhoods and one-on-one conversations with parents.

“In the Rose Union and Prairie Vale neighborhoods we have a rapidly shrinking student population that had to be taken into consideration,” said board member Jacob Mayes. “At Prairie Vale the line can be taken to the mile section to the south, but Rose Union is a little trickier. In Plan A the student population would be at 400 and with Plan B the population would be at 300, and 350 is the absolute minimum we can have.”

Plan C would put the student population at 523 students.

“If growth has changed in a year, we can come back and visit it (the student population numbers).”

Board members voted 5-0 to not have a late start on April 3 because it would interfere with the intermediate and middle school testing.

Interim Superintendent Bill White presented to board members a proposal to use $35,000 of MAPS money to complete a circle drive leading to the Multi-Sport parking lot. Members voted 5-0 to accept the proposal.

That will leave $42,000 left in the MAPS account, and no firm recommendation had been made as to how the rest of the money will be spent, White added.

Of the $142.1 million B Bond 39 package passed by district voters in 2009 to address the needs over the next 10 years, Mayes said the administration building should be completed by March, addition No. 2 will be completed in April, the high school addition No. 1 will be completed in May and elementary No. 5 is scheduled for completion July 5 but it could be mid- to late August.

Board members took under consideration a bus change scheduled to take effect Wednesday in the Still Meadows neighborhood.