The Edmond Sun

April 5, 2013

Massey leads in campaign cash

2 incumbents retain City Council seats

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — The most recent campaign and contributions reports made in March to the city clerk’s office show City Councilman Nick Massey had the largest cumulative grand total. Final reports are due by May 10, said Betty Brinkman, assistant city clerk.

Edmond Mayor Charles Lamb and Massey each won decisive victories with all of the 32 precincts reporting in the municipal general elections Tuesday night.

Lamb received 2,069 votes, or 81.7 percent, according to the Oklahoma County Election Board. His opponent, Richard Prawdzienski, ended the night with 401 votes, or 18.3 percent of ballots cast.

Massey won 1,424 votes, or 67.4 percent of the ballots, according to the election board. His challenger, Shilpa Abbitt, received 819 votes, or 32.6 percent.

Massey’s campaign earned a total of $9,257.34, according to the report with total expenses more than $1.075. The Massey expenditures were from printing and advertising.

Thirteen individuals are listed as donors to the Massey campaign, ranging from $250 to $1,000. Contributions of $200 or less totaled $2,063.

Three $1,000 campaign donations for Massey came from Connie Dixon of Oklahoma City, along with Jack Henley and John Houck, both Edmond residents, according to the report.

Abbitt’s campaign contributions totaled $2,050 with expenditures of $1,012 for printing purposes, according to the report. She is the only donor listed in the most recent campaign report. There were $650 of contributions less than $200.

In the mayoral race, contribution for Lamb totaled $2,725 with $1,863 spent for general advertising. Total contributions of $200 or less amounted to $475. Five contributors to Lamb’s campaign ranging from $250 to $500 are listed in the report. Donations made to the campaign in the amount of $500 include Edmond residents Randel Shadid, Todd Lisle, Clay Coldiron and Oklahoma City resident Clay Farha, who has developed several commercial projects in Edmond.

“Mr. Prawdzienski did not file any reports with us,” Brinkman said.

Prawdzienski said the $105 that he spent on his campaign was his campaign’s only donation.