The Edmond Sun

April 9, 2013

Thunder Canyon neighborhood receives go-ahead

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Redbud Canyon residents spoke of preserving their quality of life in east Edmond Monday evening before a 4-1 City Council vote to approve the preliminary plat of Thunder Canyon.

Aaron Dodson is requesting preliminary plat approval of 188 lots on 140 acres in east Edmond, located south of Covell Road and east of Midwest Boulevard, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

“Since nearly a third of this land is designated in a flood plain and cannot be built on, we believe this creates a number of conditions that adversely affect our quality of life,” said Bill Wade, Redbud Canyon property owner.

Wade said Redbud residents moved to the area because it offers less congestion, less traffic and a peaceful country lifestyle typical of most, if not all, of Edmond developments east of I-35.

A private street would enter the addition from Midwest Boulevard. The only way to access Covell Road will be a private road on the east side of Thunder Canyon, Schiermeyer said.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Waner said she could not agree with the plat unless the addition’s exit to Covell would be reserved as an emergency exit only without ingress. The road will create safety, noise and light pollution concerns on the western side of Redbud Canyon and neighbors on Covell Road, Wade said.

Traffic on east Covell is expected to increase with development along Interstate 35 and Covell, Waner said. More residents moving east of the interstate and plans for a new high school to be built a mile east of Thunder Canyon requires careful traffic planning, she said.

Development would be begin on the northwest corner area of the property. The second phase of development would connect east and west developments with a bridge spanning a 60-acre floodplain, said attorney Randel Shadid, representing the developer. Water features will be part of the flood plain detention area.

“We know trees on lots are valuable and homeowners want trees on their lots,” Shadid said.

Dodson is required to link the homes to existing city water and sewer lines along Covell, allowing for higher density, Shadid said. He described lot sizes of 9,900 to 13,200 square feet.

 Approval was granted with the condition that the bridge must be completed before the second phase of development. Installation of fire hydrants must be added along the length of the east-side road. The 26-foot-wide road will be used as an exit only.

“That sets the stage for a low action intersection,” said Charles Lamb, mayor.

Plans to name the streets after members of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team will not happen due to objections from the team’s attorney, Shadid said. | 341-2121