The Edmond Sun

November 5, 2012

County: Early voting turnout steady, strong

8,000 vote in 2 days

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

OKLA. CITY — A stable flow of more than 300 early voters stood in line Monday at the Oklahoma County Election Board to help elect the next president of the United States plus state and federal officials. Six state questions are also on the ballot.

“It’s been steady all day. The two-day total for Friday and Saturday was a little over 8,000,” said Doug Sanderson, Oklahoma County Election Board secretary. “I suspect today we’re going to reach probably 5,000 voters.”

The early voter turnout is slightly less than in 2008, he said, but still comparable to the last presidential election.

Early Friday, Saturday and Monday voting for any federal election always begins the Friday before the Tuesday election, Sanderson said.

“Both for the early voting and at the poling place on Tuesday, voters have to produce an ID card,” Sanderson said. “It can be your voter ID card issued by the county election board, or it can be a photo ID issued by the state of Oklahoma, the federal government or a federally recognized Indian Tribe.”

People who forget to bring their identification will not be sent away from the polls, Sanderson said. They will be allowed to vote with a provisional ballot, which requires additional paperwork to be returned to the county election board, Sanderson said.

Folks have the right to vote, said Tony Coleman, Edmond attorney. Securing that right to vote has been defended by the lives of others, he said.

“So for many of us, we have a duty and obligation to vote just because of the paths that have been paved along the way,” Coleman said. “… Many of us have been led to believe that our votes don’t count, when in fact they do. And, if you want to see a change in political climate, then you get out and become part of the political climate, and you do that by voting.”

Logan County Election Board Secretary Erin Dorio said 1,800 people already voted in Logan County from Friday to 11 a.m. Monday. About 100-voters per hour were casting ballots Monday, she said. Counties do not provide information regarding the percentage of Democrat and Republican voters casting ballots, Dorio said.

Statewide polling opens Tuesday at 7 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m. More information regarding Tuesday’s elections will be available at the Oklahoma State Election Board website at | 341-2121, ext. 114