The Edmond Sun

November 7, 2012

Edmond goes big for Lankford, Romney

James Coburn
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Months of campaigning for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District ended Tuesday night with a clear win for Republican Congressman James Lankford of Edmond.

With each of the 273 precincts reporting, Lankford received 153,421 votes, 58.7 percent, surpassing the 97,359 votes cast for Edmond Democrat Tom Guild. Guild received 37.3 percent of the vote, according to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Of the 38,272 total 5th District votes cast within the City of Edmond’s 31 precincts, Lankford won each precinct with 28,084 votes, or 73.4 percent, against the 8,783 votes cast for Guild, or 22.9 percent, according to the election board.

Independent candidate Pat Martin of Jones received 716 votes, 1.9 percent. Norman Independent Robert T. Murphy captured 689 votes, 1.8 percent of Edmond’s portion of the vote, according to the election board.

Guild’s support fared better in Oklahoma County as a whole where he received 88,273 votes, 38.3 percent, against Lankford’s share of 132,928 votes, 57.6 percent. Also in Oklahoma County, Martin received 4,795 votes, 2.1 percent of the total with Murphy receiving 4,617 votes, 2 percent.

“We did better than any Democrat running for the 5th District seat since 1994,” Guild said.

Lankford was re-elected this week with a slightly smaller margin than during his 2010 election when 5th District voters selected him over Democrat Billy Coyle of Oklahoma City by 62.53 percent of the vote. Lankford received 123,223 votes in 2010 against Coyle’s 68,060 votes, 34.53 percent.

Guild’s grassroots campaign received more than $150,000 in campaign finance contributions, he said. Lankford received just more than $1 million in total contribution receipts for his re-election campaign, according to federal campaign reporting records.

Democrat President Barack Obama won the popular vote against former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 60.893 million votes, 50.4 percent, against Romney’s 57.957 million, 48 percent.

Obama’s 332 electoral votes exceeded the 270 votes needed to put him over the top. Romney ended the night with 206 electoral votes nationally.

In 2008, there were 1.4 million Oklahomans voting for president, just above the 1.33 million voters this year in the state.

In the presidential race with all 1,960 precincts reported statewide, President Barack Obama received 442,787 votes, or 33.2 percent of votes cast in Oklahoma, according to the election board. Romney received 66.8 percent of total votes, or 889,710 ballots statewide.

Romney swept each of Edmond’s 31 precincts, according to date from the election board. | 341-2121, ext. 114